I’m sitting here getting my day started but it’s Saturday and I’ve been working a lot this week so it’s starting a bit slowly. Namely with a major fantasy road trip with a bunch of WordCamp people from Vegas to Philly. This isn’t going to happen, of course, but it’s fun to fantasize. Someone mentioned that it would be like the Partridge family. I got all of our pictures together to illustrate that perhaps that wasn’t the family we’d most resemble…


Bakery goodness

I was out at the Sugar’s Bakery parking lot earlier today for some bbq (Ben’s BBQ), coffee (Grouchy John’s) and shaved ice (SnOw ONO) and it seemed rude to not thank them for the use of their parking lot by buying something. I gotta tell you, everything in this box is good but the lemon bar was transcendental. Unbelievably amazing. I LOVE lemon bars and have had them all across the land but this one…this one takes the cake. If you happen to find yourself in Summerlin do yourself a favor and check it out.


Die Hard and audio adjustments

Ma’s stereo has been acting somewhat spastic with the sound levels and she needed some shelves hung up so Alex and I came out to Boulder City to help with some strong manly things like lifting and electronics. “Die Hard” was on TV and if there’s anything worse than an R rated movie on regular TV I’m not sure what it is. “Yeah? Well yippee kayay M…” and commercial. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. Make it stop


Now this is a business dinner done right

Meeting with some clients and they wanted to have dinner at The Melting Pot. It’s hard to say no to that. It’s a fun, social atmosphere and it has melted cheese. There’s not hardly anything in life that melted cheese can’t make better.