How’d I get so lucky?

Not again, still. (See manduh’s comment below). I took two pictures in one night. Sarah didn’t like the first one so we did a supplemental which, on second thought, should have been the one and only picture. I did pick a good seat, even if the ladies pictured here are very happily taken by people who aren’t me. Manduh is right about one thing, this shirt is out of control. Even for me, it’s a little too colorful. The nice thing, though, is that it matches all the colors I put in my hair. I stay away if my hair is red but all the rest are happily coordinated with this shirt.


Is there anything so sad?

We had sangria…and now it is gone. All we have left is ice and sangria infused fruit. After all the sangria though I think I’ll leave the fruit where it is.


Chipotle BBQ chicken…I think I’m in love

Manduh didn’t get this one right (see her comments below). I cooked up some chicken and threw on some chipotle bbq sauce and threw it into the good china, namely the big paper bowl (the small one was too small). The cat didn’t knock anything into anything though he does like it when I cook. Not chicken (which is weird) but he loves ham. That’s weird for a cat, right? The chipotle was a little too spicy though. Not insanely so but…whew…enough. I had to refill the water a couple times to get it handled.


Mmmm tapas

As my sister has so helpfully pointed out below, it was bad timing due to my lack of getting a nap earlier in the day. I surely could have used it since the night went tapas at 5PM, tattoo show, english pub, tapas, english pub, breakfast then home at 7:30AM. I effectively crammed two entire nights into one. Hey, I’m busy, I gotta get stuff done as efficiently as possible.


My precious

As Manduh has explained it was time for a new monitor. Going backwards is never OK and even lateral movements are only OK in emergency circumstances. To that end when my 1600×1200 monitor died it was either a 1920×1200 or a 2560×1600 monitor. You can see which I chose. Justification? I don’t need no steenkin’ justification but I’ll throw one out there anyway. I’m at my desk 12 hours a day so any small improvement is magnified by the sheer amount of time it is repeated throughout the day, week, month. Having a larger monitor definitely makes for a more comfortable, smooth workspace and environment which makes my day just a little bit better, every day.