Coffee and conversation about Vegas stuff

I’m meeting Grouchy John at Sunrise Coffee to caffeinated and kibitz. Looks like he’s going to the Vegas Food Truck Fest to bring good coffee to all the boys and girls who are woefully poisoned by Starbucks every day. From the look of this ad there’s a bunch of other really good trucks showing up too. I know where I’m going to be next Saturday.


Lasagna cooked in the dishwasher, heck yeah

Once again Michelle and I are doing a gender point of view comparison on a recipe. Part 1 went passably well but was basically an all day project. We were both looking forward to a recipe that had about 30 minutes of prep and then nothing to do but wait. To that end we made lasagna but this time with a twist. We cooked it in the dishwasher.

I know, right?

Seriously, I didn’t even know this was a thing but Manduh found some article on how to do it and once something is seen it can’t be unseen and it wouldn’t get out of my brain. So when Michelle asked if I had any ideas for the he said/she said cooking blog articles I jokingly brought it up. Little did I know she’d totally go for it.

That’ll teach me to open my big, fat mouth.
Her journey is, I’m sure, much different than mine so for compare and contrast make sure you check out Michelle’s take on this truly weird adventure. First, though, let’s get to my adventure…


More cooking with appliances

I alluded to it last week but the time is here. Dishwasher lasagna is happening tonight! First I have to empty out the dishwasher. This is a semi-important step. Technically you can actually run a load through the dishwasher as you’re cooking thus making it a very “green” way to cook I suppose but these are already clean and I don’t have any more dirty ones so I’m not being very enrironmental about all this today.



Horrible picture I took but Ma, The Sibs, Club S and I are going to watch “Rango”. I’ve heard very mixed reviews of this movie but I’m going with the fact that I love both Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp and the animation looks really, really good in all the previews I’ve seen. I’ve heard the animation is even better than a Pixar movie and -that- I just absolutely, positively had to see for myself.


Set for the evening

Got a book, got a cat and if the book runs out I got a bunch of movies. It’s been a long day week month 2011 so tonight I’m not leaving the house and I’m not working. I am, in fact, largely reclining and it’s going to be awesome.