Goofy cat

I can’t tell who likes the new bookcase/headboard more, myself or Pixel. I enjoy the extra shelf space, interesting look and playing hide and seek with my phone, book and glasses every morning (why I don’t pick the same spot for those things every night is a mystery). Pixel has his own games he likes to play after crawling into one of the cubes.

  • Meow incessantly and enjoy the amplification effect from meowing in what is effectively a megaphone with a sounding board attached
  • Chase his tail in an enclosed space. Imagine, if you will, a clothes dryer running with a handfull of tennis balls in it. That’s what this game sounds like
  • Scratch incessantly at the walls as if he’s trying to get to the other side. Periodically peek out and into the next cube to gauge progress.
  • Reach a paw through the tiny gap behind the bookcase into the hole on the other side then run out the front and into the next cube to see…well…I’m not sure what. Perhaps that his paw is still there instead of attached to the end of his leg?

He thinks he gets added bonus points if he plays any of these games while I’m sleeping.

But look at this face…I can’t get too upset at him. Except at 4AM. That’s where the cute line and the annoying line cross and he gets yelled at and/or threatened with bodily harm.

Relax, I said “threatened”


Friday in Vegas

Mike (you remember the cyborg, right?) is back in town for the weekend so we we’re doing a relative rarity and going to the strip for some happy hour action. We’ve landed at Book & Stage in the Cosmo but this time there’s no music. This is what I like about this bar, it’s very multi-functional. In a normal day like today it’s a nice open lounge where you can hang with your friends.


Dusting off the crock pot

You know what, I don’t even know why I have a crock pot. I don’t remember ever using it but I do remember buying it. It’s big and taking up a lot of space if I’m not going to use it though so there’s only one solution: cook something in it and make it earn its keep. To that end we have (pictured here) chuck roast, garlic, spices and potatoes. It’s not a very complicated crock pot roast. I just want to start out simple and see what happens. I may end up with something resembling tinned beef by the time it’s done but we’ll see. I believe it takes like 8 hours though so it’s going to have to wait till tomorrow. I’ll probably still be up at 2AM but I’m not going to want to do something about this at that point.


Time for a new look?

I’m not desperate for a new look but it has been suggested I could do with a nice pair of black plastic frames and I can’t argue with that as pretty much anyone knows more about fashion than I do, especially my hairdresser. It’s been percolating in my head for a while and then I saw an article talking bout Warbly Parker and it got me thinking about it again. Then I saw the price. $95 for frames including lenses. Holy crap! I mean, seriously, holy crap! If you wear glasses you know this is out of control cheap. I know this is sounding like a commercial but I’m not getting paid for this I’m just honestly really shocked. Fashionable glasses plus lenses for a reasonable price, somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. I also like the virtual “try them on” widget thing. That’s a pretty slick hunk of technology. Oh, and they’ll send you 5 pairs to try on for free to help you decide. Oh, and when you buy a pair of glasses they give a pair to someone in need. Heck, at these prices you could get 2 pair. I wish I was getting paid for this, that would be awesome. Hey, Warbly Parker, you got an affiliate program?


Who’s got a nice clean bed?

The last couple weeks have been a little rough, schedule and work-wise, so I’ve been badly neglecting my already nearly non-existant cleaning duties. I’m taking the evening to have a combo cleaning, organizing and catching up on TV experience. It’s not the most exciting experience ever but it does feel kind of good to do.


Packed crowd for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I’m here at the Book and Stage once again with Grouchy John himself to see a band I’ve never heard of. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is hard to really describe (because I really suck at that) but they have a good bluesy rock sound. I love hanging out with Grouchy John because he pays attention to music, he had good taste in music, and then periodically invites me to go see a band with him. Win/win all the way around. Well, he’s sort of doing all the work but, hey, this way he knows he always has a willing participant in me.