Let the unpacking begin

After three days in nerded out bliss I’m back home. Phoenix was great but home is comfy. Home has my cat who has sorely missed me. Home has my big monitor and desk space. The hotel did have a bed which was better than mine, however. I may have to do something about that now that I’m thinking about it.


Alcohol luge? #WCPHX knows how to party!

The first WordCamp of the year is at hand and it is a major event. WordCamp Phoenix has not one, not two, note even three or four but five, FIVE (5!) days of events. We’re here for the last three of those and they will be plenty. Introductions last night, camp all day today and hacker day with core contributors tomorrow. If that last part doesn’t fill you with chills, I’m sorry for you because that is going to be unbelievable.



People are in need of a happy hour. Since the person planning it is Hope, happy hour is at Blue Martini. It isn’t original but at times, it does seem like our version of Cheers…kind of. OK not really. Mostly it’s nearby. It has newly installed fire though and that’s very cool.


Cooking is easy

When I’m in the habit of cooking I love an easy chicken stir fry kind of thing. I’ve posted this recipe before but this is a more generic version.

1lb chicken breast
8oz of something veggie
1/3 cup of something sauce-like
Cook the chicken half way, throw in the veggies, cover, steam veggies till done, drain, toss with the sauce-like thing, plate it, eat it, nap.

Today was mushrooms and pesto (both slightly expired). Other favorites are spinach and alfredo or a bag of mixed stir fry veggies with spicy marinade or something soy sauce based.
Technically you could also throw this finished product on rice or pasta but that’s, like, work. I’ll only do that if I have to feed more people than myself and the roommate.


Guess where I am?

It is high time we do something about the hair situation. My hairdresser extraordinaire is only in town for the weekend and I’m heading to WordCamp Phoenix next weekend so she was kind enough to slot me in. I’m glad because, c’mon, y’all know I have a reputation to maintain. One bottle of Blue Haired Freak, being put to good use!


Matt and Shannon, she’s special

Matt and Shannon are totally inconsiderate. I can’t come up with a good portmanteau of their names at all. Mannon’s not bad, Shatt’s funny but too rude, Shant has promise but isn’t -that- good. As you can see, Shannon likes playing the pose for the camera game too. These two happy kids are in town just for the night as the first leg of their multi-day journey to the wilderness of Denver. Hey, people go where they go, who are we to judge? Ma and Samantha are here too as we all savor the delights of Macaroni Grill. All that’s missing is Club S and Manduh and it would have been a full boat!



I spend A LOT of time at my desk. Even if I’m not working I’m still probably sitting here and Interneting around. Yes it’s a word. I used it and transferred information to your brain and that’s what language is, right? Directly above my desk hangs the print pictured above by Kagan McLeod. It’s been off to the side but is now back in its rightful place after the room reorganization. I find this print to be extremely useful (as well as being really cool) because as I come to a problem I need to not look at code and just think about the solution in the abstract. Staring at something like this is perfect because there’s A LOT of stuff going on and I can just let my eyes pick a spot and look at it while my brain does some thinking. If I were even the tiniest bit into rap music I’d get his History Of Rap print because I think it could solve a similar problem but, alas, I’m not even the tiniest bit into rap.

This is one of the things I love about going to comic book conventions. Amongst all the nerdism and costumery and gaming there’s artist alley. There’s absolutely no telling what you’re going to run into back there and I always find something really interesting I didn’t even know I wanted.