A horrible picture of everyone! Happy New Years!

We hit up the liquor store and it’s all set in the freezer and fridge with care. It’s important to lay down a base before going out and experiencing all the NYE celebration has to offer so we’re all getting some BBQ at memphis before heading out and doing some major damage to our livers. And damage will be had, I promise you. I found Tang flavored vodka. It’s the drink my inner 12 year old never knew he wanted!

Update: Tang flavored vodka is evil, evil, evil but tastes oh so good.


Birthday ice-cream cake!

It’s the tail end of Sara’s birthday and she’s using her coupons all over town. I gotta applaud the effort and planning. This ice-cream cake is actually kind of the bomb and make a perfect palette cleanser for the pitchers of Miller Lite we’re drinking. I can’t remember the last time I hit up a beer and blog event. It’s been a while. The last few months have been a blur, to say the least. WIth the end of the year quickly approaching there’s been a couple big, big deadlines rushing at me. As of today, though, one is done and one is pushed off for the weekend and so I find myself at, -sigh-, Miller’s Alehouse. I don’t mean that to sound as mean as it might it’s just that it’s not my favorite bar we could go to. Something about the 73 (not an exaggeration) TV screen showing any sport you want from any angle you happen to be at in the bar, is annoying. Unless you like sports…which I don’t. Ever. Curling during the Olympics was fun and I love me some World Cup Football (soccer, for the americans in the bunch), but that’s pretty much it. There’s not another sport that I’d leave on in preference to just turning it off and staring silently at, I dunno, nothing, while drinking a beer and eating a meal at a bar. Not even beach volleyball (though that’s a close one). If you happen to like sports then Miller’s is pretty good. Reasonable drink specials (as long as you like crappy beer), food that’s ridiculously bad for you and schedules for whatever sports tickles your fancy, right on the table. I’m probably not really selling it but you know as well as I do some people are reading that last sentence with all kinds of interpreted exclamation marks and can’t wait to try it out.