Peace, love and WordPress

So for the last year I’ve been doing a lot of WordPress hacking with my compadres Hawkins and Shayne. It’s how we’ve been making a living since abandoning our various day jobs for the joys prestige of owning our own company: 9seeds. We built up a certain reputation and that led someone to ask us to write some software to allow someone using WordPress to sell tickets to an event they are organizing. There are ways to do this now but they are either unsatisfactory or expensive so we saw a niche and jumped right into it. Pictured here is the stats for that product, WP Event Ticketing. The picture is fun for 2 reasons, which Hawkins pointed out. 1) the 3 versions we’ve published so far have used by just enough people to make the distribution graph a perfect peace sign and b) the software has been downloaded exactly 606 times. A nice bit of synchronicity.


Mexican Thanksgiving

The title comes from Lynn’s birthday party from last week.

Lynn: “What are your Thanksgiving plans?”
JY: “Going to the parents house”
Lynn: “Nice, a Mexican Thanksgiving”
JY: “Well, we just call it Thanksgiving”

This was just a funny story until I show up and JY’s mom breaks out the tequila shots. I guess it really -is- a Mexican Thanksgiving.


Lynn’s birthday at Todd’s

Todd’s Unique Dining is an awesome place for a get together so I’m glad Lynn is having a birthday and bringing us all together for wine food and (pictured here) lemon drops.


Charging all my crap before hopping on a plane

My poor USB ports are so overworked. Keyboard, mouse, Nook, iPhone, external battery all have to contend for a mere 2 ports in the laptop. It’s a very delicate balance seeing who gets what plug. Hanging in Minnesota with the Foells has been swell but the swelling’s gone down and it’s time to head back to Vegas. Have no fear, Minnesota, I’ll be back this summer for the state fair. Food on a stick will be had!


Say hi to Jenna, from The Bulldog NE

We didn’t get a dog but their beer selection is pretty fantastic as were the fish and chips and homemade, fresh, mozzarella fried cheese patties. The fish was peppery which was unexpected and good all at the same time. If you find yourself in NE minneapolis, give it a shot and enjoy some local color