Bulgogi: sounds gross, tastes good

I’ve been saving all these recipes forever but haven’t cooked any of them yet. Now that it’s Memorial Day I’m going to BBQ just like everyone else…but I’m doing it Korean style. I didn’t cut the meat right and with the red spicy sauce marinade it kinda looked like placenta going on the grill but it smells -awesome-…


You may recognize this kitchen

Ma and I have journeyed to Phoenix to get some furniture from Bubbe and Zade. They’re moving to a smaller place as soon as they sell this place and they need to get rid of some of their stuff if the’re going to fit it all in the new place. Anyone looking for a house in Phoenix? I love their house for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is this kitchen. Almost everyone’s kitchen sucks but sometimes you run across one like this that just makes you want one very badly. Some day…some day.


Surely a sign of the end times

Look at the date on this article. It’s not a typo. 59 degrees on May 23rd in Vegas? What the hell? The weather we’re having lately is just out of freaking control. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to keep summer at bay for as long as possible. I could deal without the wind though. I went to the M casino the other day and almost couldn’t make it across the parking lot. That’s not an exaggeration. I was keeping an eye out for flying volvos, munchkins and black SUVed storm chasers.


Even better than Kelly’s boobs

In following our tradition of rarely celebrating holidays on their given day we’ve moved Mother’s Day to today (about 2 weeks late). The sibs weren’t here 2 weeks ago but could be here today which just works out better for everyone involved. Kelly is sitting right next to me and it would be nice to feature her cleavage all up on here again but look at Matt. How could I deny this face?


Goodbye Mike! (for a little while)

We’re giving Mike a mini going away party tonight. He is doing what most people can only dream of and taking 4 months off of work and going to live abroad. I’m don’t know exactly where he’s going and I’m not sure he does either but I think he’s hitting 5 continents. Africa and Antarctica seem to be off the list. For the rest it just seems like he’s going to bounce around and just have some good experiences and in the process make me unbelievably envious (or is it jealous, I can never get those straight) I have no ill will towards him I just really wish I could do what he’s doing. Bon voyage, dude.


New tappas

I’ve begged Ma to make me some more shirts so once we were done fabric shopping I decided I’d buy her dinner. We look across the parking lot and in the distance was Match restaurant. Below the name was tappas and karaoke. I was immediately intrigued and Ma likes some good tappas and sangria so dinner plans were born.

Best decision we ever made.

It was amazing. Some classic tappas, some asian fusion tappas, some sangria and it was all wonderful. They also have Korean BBQ but we didn’t sample that part. Nor did we try the karaoke but I will be back for that, mark my words. I’ll also come back for the attractive waitresses. Tattoos, colored hair, short skirts…not a one of those is a bad thing. ‘d never go to a restaurant strictly for the waitresses but they make a nice bonus to a place we already like. I specifically didn’t get a picture of one of them just to make Matt mad. Muhahahaha!


Burger time

Minus the Bear is playing at HoB and though I’ve never heard of them I trust Mike to know if I’d like a band or not so I came on out on a whim. Going to a concert requires some fuel and in this case that fuel is being supplied in the form of burgers and beer at the Burger Bar in the Mandalay Bay. The night’s going great and the best parts haven’t even started yet!