Going to eat garlic till it leaks out of me

I’m in San Francisco this weekend for WordCamp San Francisco. I o to a lot of WordCamps but this is the big bad voodoo daddy of WordCamp. The one thrown by the people in charge of WordPress itself. It should be some good talks but the better part is meeting all the good people. Part of that starts tonight at the Stinking Rose. I love garlic and this is one of my favorite places because every single thing has garlic in it. Including the vodka and ice cream. God I love this restaurant.


Erdinger Heffe awesome in Venice

I just realized I have pictures that I took for 606 and mailed and they don’t appear to have gotten here. Lame. Have to save the debugging for later. We’ve done what we always do when we come to LA, went to Venice for some of god’s own beer. As you can see, Mike and Rachel enjoyed it. We’re in LA for less than 24 hours to see Emily Wells tonight and then I head to WordCamp San Francisco tomorrow. Emily Wells is a -phenomenal- musician and with some very creative technology manages to pack more than a string quartet into one tiny body. The only way to understand is to see it. Take a look at this video and enjoy.


Last meal before a tornado drops a house on someone

I usually don’t bitch about the weather in Vegas. It’s hot in the summer, cold in the winter and Spring and Fall brings great winds. It’s a very predictable cycle. Today, HOWEVER, is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL. I have lived here almost 19 years and I have -never- seen it this windy.


Virus writers suck at spelling

I didn’t get Manduh’s computer completely fixed last week so I had to bring it home to get medieval on its ass. I just had to laugh at this attempt at hiding the virus process in the process list. With jeebus as my witness i will set this computer free.


Prepared for the week

I have a hard time controlling myself during wine tastings. They’re just too tempting and tasty and easy to pick up. I mean, you’re already at the winery, it almost seems criminal not to get a bottle or two. Or seven. I’m back from the week in LA and looking forward to not doing a damn thing tonight except to open up the bottle of wine that’s chilling in the fridge and enjoy it thoroughly.


The end of an excellent OC Wordcamp

After spending a fun and informative day at OC WordCamp at UC Irvine, it’s time for the after party. I got a black and tan and I got a burger on its way. It’s half bacon, half burger and, from what I can imagine, all awesome.


Computer problems…I blame the background

Manduh’s computer is having some serious malware issues. I can’t blame her too much. They’re depressingly easy to pick up and I just went through this with Matt like a month ago. Although, upon reflection, I realize that I never seem to contract these myself and I’m on the Internet -a lot-. What the hell are you people doing to get this stuff?!