Yeah…I’m eating Mac and Cheese that expired 2 years ago. It’s Mac and Cheese, c’mon. What’s going to go bad? The cheese flavored dust?


Hawkins is going away!

Not “away” away. Just not going to be at TSS anymore. Today is his last day at TSS and tomorrow starts his first day of full time 9Seeds employment! We’re only 2 hours into this shindig and I’m not sure how much longer it can last. The man of the hour has accepted every drink purchased for him and as you can see, there’s an awful lot of people lined up to buy him one.


Wallpaper is evil

Let us all take a moment and remember Nancy Reagan’s words and just say no to wallpaper. Sure it seems like a good idea at the time but at some point or another it’s going to have to come off and that is just no fun at all. After 7 hours of peeling a centimeter at a time we’re finally done and ready for painting tomorrow.


Merry Christmas Bubbe (and Zade, not pictured here)!

The sibs and I are visiting the grandparents this weekend. We decided that would make a good Christmas present for them. While we’re here they have some stuff they could use help with around the house. Moving furniture, putting up curtain rods, painting, computer repair and some pantry organization in which each task is uniquely suited to some of our talents. The chores are no big deal and it’s been a while since we’ve had a good visit so it’s win/win all the way around.


How gay’s this…pretty gay

These two, I swear…there’s just no explaining them


Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit is in town and brought Caroline in with it, who I haven’t seen since she moved to, ugh, Florida. We’re hanging at the I-bar in the Rio and I know this isn’t the best picture but take my word for it, waitress eye candy for -days-. I also ran into Danielle and Jason (other ex-employees) as well so it was a fun reunion all around.


Much better

I’m feeling better but still really sleepy as my body combats this cold. I’m just working my way through some comfort movies that I haven’t seen in a while. Pixar is always good for that. I’m not sure why but I feel that after this the Bourne series is calling me. All I did was sleep today so I’m pretty sure that I could last through all 3 of them. Guess we’ll see.