Chainmail and Scrooged

Having a new projector bulb means I can watch TV in the living room again which means I can do some chainmail again. I’ve literally not picked up the pliers since March or so. Some of that is bulb, some of it was time constraints, a lot had to do with just not feeling up to it while the year was busy sucking. Much of that has changed though and tomorrow starts my first day of being differently employed and the dawn of a new, weird, era.



Merry Christmas everyone! We all banded together and got Manduh a Wii so to throw her off the scent I brought one of my Wiis over to play for the weekend. We’ve been playing World of Goo which is -totally- worth the $15 and a fun multi-player game too if you have some people you can work with as a team.


Expecting a flood?

The sibs are back at it. They just love being around for 606. I’m not sure where they’ve been but they’ve managed to get matching poofy vests. I wasn’t aware they were back in style but, really, is anyone surprised by that fact?


A little Gordon Biersch action

The holidays have pretty much wrecked our regularly scheduled Beer and Blog so we’re doing them impromptuly for now. We’re hanging out at Gordon Biersch these days when it does happen. They have these homemade chips and cheese and bacon thing here that is just short of divine. Not to mention wi-fi and a handful of nice brews


New projector bulb, yay!

As Hawkins has already helpfuly pointed out…oh, actually he didn’t say the name of the movie yet. We’ll leave it a mystery for now. The bulb has been getting dimmer and dimmer for quite a while but I’ve been too busy to watch TV out there so it didn’t really matter. Last week I finally ordered a bulb because I wanted to use the Wii the other day and it was practically unusable. The nice thing is that my projector has been around long enough that I’ve found generic bulb for half the price I’ve been paying. Score!