Damn -I- should have dressed like a plumber for Halloween

OK, this post got locked into my phone and since the 3G connections on Venice Beach sucked so bad it just errored out trying to send. I thought Vegas was bad but Venice and Malibu take the cake. They are completely ridiculous for iPhone coverage.
Turns out that hanging out in Venice for Halloween isn’t nearly as interesting as one might think. On this day and this day only it actually makes it very complicated to see who’s part of the Venice Beach show and who’s just down here in a Halloween costume having a good time. We came down to the Biergarten here because they apparently have the most divine heffeweizen made by man. It is called Erdinger and it is as advertised. Made by angels.


California dreamin’

Our dear friends, Hope and Don, moved…nay, abandoned us and moved to LA. They made up for it though by inviting us out to LA for Halloween weekend for what could loosely be called a housewarming. More specifically it’s hanging out and drinking beer on their new back porch, playing with the dog and keeping an eye out for their wild yard rabbit, Mikey.


New hair, new hairdresser

My current hairdresser is kinda MIA so I went to my friend, Kimberli, to help me out of the hair nightmare I was falling into. This is a horrible picture of it but I have picked a blue we are calling “Super Hero Blue”. I may have to put up a better picture later.


Hello my lovely

I’m still out sick today but not too much. I’ll be back at work tomorrow but look what the Amazon fairy brought me! I’m taking a trip next month and though I really like my big bad Canon 40D, it’s a little unwieldy sometimes. It’s not exactly a vacation camera. This is though. I get a nice big aperture, full manual controls, RAW file format and a very nice high ISO range. 90% functionality of a big DSLR at 10% of the weight and 50% the cost. Not a bad compromise all the way around.


Hot tea, Kleenex, sudafed, throat stuff, cough stuff, anti cough stuff

It’s not hogfluenza (or porkulosis or hamthrax), just your run of the mill seasonal cold but it has knocked me flat for a couple days. There’s nothing for it but knocking back drugs and alternating green and black tea and blowing my nose till blisters form. I wish evolution would hurry up and evolve us a better way to drain sinuses. Maybe some sort of flip top head.


Yeah I know. I’m surprised too

I’m hanging out at Blue Martini with Matt and his guuurrrrrrlfriend. Something about this makes the 12 year old in me come out. Matt and Beth, sittin’ in a tree…

There’s something wrong with me. I just can’t help it.

Luckily Beth is awesome. It’s nice when sibs have significant others that you can hang out with. Not that it’s been otherwise with us but I’ve heard horror stories and had plenty of friends with ones I couldn’t stand.


The part of Todds Unique dining I need tonight

I’m meeting up with my old boss, JY, to catch up and see how his world travels have been. He’s the one that told me about Todd’s Unique Dining which I’ve talked about before. It’ll be nice to relax, chat for a couple hours, get a couple drinks then head back to work. That last part sucks though. It’s not part of that other stuff which was nice.