The collection I’ve been waiting for since 1993

“Strangers in Paradise” is a comic I’ve been reading since it started in 1993. It ended a couple years ago and I was sad to see it end after it had been around so long. Terry Moore still knows how to get money from me though because he’s just released the SIP Omnibus. 2 massive volumes plus a companion book which just shows all the covers. It weighs like 300 pounds and I can’t wait to read it all from end to end which, as you can see, I’ve started to do. Don’t bother me…I’m reading.


Still workin’

New projects are always fun. The ramp up time is chaotic, the hours are long, and the only thing keeping me going is that it’s kind of interesting and I know that some day it will get much smoother and we can get to the part where we’re just pounding out new code. That day is not today, however. Luckily, The Thing and my pile of cables will keep me company as I work.


Mattapalooza IV

Happy birthday, Matt! Every year Matt’s (not Malex Matt, a different one) birthday becomes somewhat of a grand celebration. It falls on the leading edge of a whole lot of stuff after a bit of a lull and as such things can get a little crazy. Crazy mostly happened last night though and today it’s just a great pool party at Sharee and Kim’s new place. They have a pool with nice big living room and family room areas connected by a kitchen. I’m not sure they know it or not but we’ve found our new party venue.


Beer and Blog special edition from Dick’s Last Resort

Our normal place, Bar Louie, is having some problems lately and Las Vegas Weekly was having a Party on the Patio event here at Dick’s Last Resort on a Thursday so it seemed like a good time to make a (temporary) venue change until we get the issues worked out. Dick’s is a good time as always. Abuse of customers by the wait staff and vice versa, that nut, Taco, running rampant throughout the joint, crazy hats and free drinks. If I wrote a recipe for disaster or a great time from scratch, I couldn’t have done it any better than that.


New toys

I couldn’t resist. The prices were just too low and wimax too sexy. Clear (or Clearwire) is the wimax provider that is rolling out service far and wide across our vast US land. They had to start somewhere though and for some reason I don’t get, Vegas was one of the first 3 cities to get it. That is -awesome-, we never get stuff first! Our time has finally come though. With this bad boy (known as the Cradlepoint PHS300) I can go anywhere in the city and have a wifi connection to the Internet for me and 16 of my closest friends (within 100 ft of me). No looking around for a Coffee Bean or unsuspecting homeowners open wireless connection when I’m dragging a laptop and looking for a place to kill some time. My wireless connection goes where I do and is way faster than using a tethered phone. Especially with the truly ridiculously bad 3G speeds I’ve been getting lately. I just picked it up today but in initial testing it has been extremely positive. Not so well right at my house (I’m in an edge zone) but I watched youtube vids in Hawkins car all the way from lunch back to the office and it totally worked. Hey, why unplug if you don’t have to?


Finishing up on TV before the new season

I completely forgot “Psych” was even on television right now. I looked up tonight and realized I had 3 episodes to watch. It’s not the worst thing ever to sit and sip a cocktail and watch a really funny show. Mostly I have to get these all watched and get ready for the fall lineup. Honestly I’m not sure I’m super excited about anything coming back but “Lost” and that’ll be a while. Until then I’ll have emo medical drama to keep me company…after finishing “Psycn”, “True Blood” and “Hung” of course.


Greek Food Festival

I’ve lived here 18 years and the Greek Food Fest has been going on for 37 years, you’d think I would have been at least once in all that time. Well, you’d think wrong because for some inexplicable reason I’ve never been. Today that changes and I am very sorry I’ve never made the trek. This place is amazing. Greek food as far as the eye can see. My new favorite is something called saganaki. It’s a slab of cheese that’s fried, lit on fire and then the fire is put out with lemon juice. You just can’t go wrong with something that starts out with “slab of fried cheese”. I wish I had gone earlier to recommend this properly but put it on your calendars for next year.