Weary travellers

We’re in the airport and ready to go. We had a full day today. Manduh and Club S went back to the fair for some more food on a stick. Matt, Justin, Jessi, Jules and I did some wandering around and bike shopping after Matt and I hit up some place called Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. Hell’s Kitchen, by the by, is a -definite- E ticket should you find yourself in downtown Minneapolis. If you get nothing else get their caramel roll (which I think is a Minnesota cinnamon roll) and know that you could be struck dead at that moment and die happy, knowing you’d had the best.

It’s been a fun long weekend here in Minneapolis. I’ve really enjoyed the new people we’ve met, the old friends who met up with us, the fair, downtown, uptown, the worst bus tour in America, The largest mall in America, U-Turns, public transportation, crazy people on public transportation, octogenarians singing polka and, above all, White Castle. We had a great time and I’m sure some of us will be back.


A very dark picture from Chino Latino

Fine, I wish the iPhone had a flash on the camera. We are at Chino Latino. An Uptown (the area just South of Downtown Minneapolis) eating establishment that has both asian and latin american food. It’s not fusion, just lots of different dishes from each area on a menu that appears to shift constantly. It’s all served family style and everything I ate tasted great including the margarita so it’s definitely a place to check out. It was a little pricey but not out of control. Only one night left for tomorrow we head back home.


Some more of Minnesota family Foell

Tonight we’ve gone to Key’s which Justin describes as “A good old fashioned greasy spoon”. It’s not too greasy but it does have some pretty good food and I’m happy we checked it out because our waitress, -finally-, has an awesome Minnesota accent. For days we’ve been here and everyone just sounds normal with little snippets here and there. Wildly disappointing.


Minnesota State Fair with a billion other people

Ladies and gentlemen, when I die you can scatter my ashes at the Minnesota State Fair. My hope is that my ghost will follow the ashes and I’ll be able to eat fried food on a stick for all eternity. We’ve had absolute -scads- of food. It’s awesome though. Everything we get is split up to 7 ways so we’re getting to try a lot more than we would otherwise. The list, for posterity, is as follows

Bag of mini donuts (what a great way to start the day)
Mocha on a stick
Fried green tomatoes
Corndog (both regular and -zilla sized)
Pronto Pup
Chocolate dipped bacon (oh yeah…the whole reason I went to the midwest)
Fried Reeses peanut butter cups
Bucket of cookies (maybe a couple buckets)
Milk (chocolate and regular)
Fried cheese curds (this was my personal favorite)
Mac and cheese on a stick
Giant tater tots on a stick
Fried pork chop sandwich
Corn fritters
Bag of mini cinnamon rolls
Ruben pretzel (gross)
Strawberry creme parfait (ditto)
Strawberry crepe (what the hell is with all the healthy fruit stuff)
Potato cheese crepe (that’s better)
Frozen lemonade
triple bypass

As you can kind of tell from the picture, this place has got -a lot- of people here. We thought we were going to be sneaky and come on a Friday when other people were working. That didn’t appear to work so well. Or it worked great and we have no idea how insane this crowd can truly be, I’m not sure which. Regardless, it’s been a great day and I’m looking forward to heading back to the hotel for a nap.

And then some dinner of course


The Baby Jules!

Hello Minnesota! It’s that time of year again and we have ventured halfway across the country on our annual trip. By convention, if not by actual rule, our trips are food-centric and this year I think we’ve outdone ourselves by planning on going to the Minnesota State Fair. From what we hear they have every kind of fried food on a stick you can imagine and we are going to try one of everything until our arteries clog shut.

Helping us on this journey as local guides are Justin, Jessi and the baby Jules. 11 weeks old and he is officially the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. We tried to go somewhere else for dinner but they were full and not kid friendly so we ended up here and I’m glad we did. They have a fantastic selection of really interesting pizzas and some great local beers on tap. Is there anything better in life than that?


The Wire and WordPress hacking

So Friday night, somewhere whilst I was downtown, I realized there was a puke event on my horizon. Not a drinking related one because I wasn’t drinking that night because my tummy was a little flopsy. A little flopsy because a full blown problem later on. You know the kind. You just know you’re going to jerk the cat but you -really- don’t want to. I was just hoping I could make it home before it hit. I did, barely, and then dealt with all kinds of fever for the rest of the night. That pretty much took care of my weekend. I spent the whole thing sleeping and being intensely sore.

With all that in mind and an upcoming trip this weekend I’m taking it very easy. Nothing but “The Wire” and relaxation and sleep early. I’ve already seen “The Wire”, of course, but it seems to be the kind of show that would survive multiple viewings. Thus far it has, anyway.


Blue Martini pre-Fremont fun

It’s the weekend! I’m going to Fremont later for some dinner, poker and a downtown pub crawl for a birthday but there was 3 hours between work and that and I -hate- going home and then going back out again. Luckily Hope had suggested a Blue Martini evening and it fits perfectly with those plans.