No Matt!

I had to use that subject. People told me too. This would be in reference to how happy Manduh looks and how sad Adam looks that Matt’s not here. I’m at CPK with Club S, Manduh and Ma before myself and the kids go to the mayor’s birthday party on Fremont a little later. I’m not sure what it’s going to be like but I’m looking forward to trying on of those martinis he’s always drinking.
Oh, I should explain the picture I took. I’m playing with another camera app on the phone today called quadcam. You pick an effect, number of and a duration between pics and it puts it all together thusly.


Nurse Jackie and photo editing and WordPress hacking and laundry

It’s Thursday night and normally you’d find me hanging at Beer and Blog but I have about a thousand things to do tonight and I’m going to have to let the social stuff slip for the day. “Nurse Jackie” and laundry aren’t the things keeping me home tonight. Those are just bonus events that are keeping me occupied while doing all that other stuff. So three sets of photos to slog through and I have to get some progress on this WordPress project that Hawkins pulled me into. He’s always doing that but it’s also always fun.


Afternoon photoshoot

I don’t get to use the studio as much as I want to but luckily I know people who are excited that I have one. At this point in my photo “career” I’m perfectly happy to trade photos for me getting to practice portraiture and lighting and so on. Serena is (as you can see) quite obviously pregnant and wanted to get some maternity pictures so to the studio we went! We also got some family photos and pics of her husband and step son. All in all, a good time for everyone. Now I just have to edit them.


It just -looks- like 110

I’m just walking from my car to the apartment and it is just blindingly obvious that summer is here to stay. It has been absolutely brutal lately. I took this picture with a slightly different program on the phone. It takes randomly odd looking photos. You can tell it which kind of odd photo you want but where’s the fun in that. It’s so much more exciting this way. I may throw one of these oddities in from time to time to mix it up a little.


Will the movie live up to this preview

I missed this in the theater so I’m just kind of waiting for it to be available for rent. I’m just relaxing and watching some trailers for past and present movies. I really wanted “Wolverine” to not suck but by every account I’m pretty sure it’s going to. I just get depressed because it didn’t -have- to suck. Look at the first X-Men movie. They did a pretty good job. Why they had to make the 3rd one so bad is beyond me. I’m eating dinner right now and forcing myself to stay awake a little bit longer. In about an hour I’m going to give in and crash but going to bed at 6:06 is just suicide. Travel and the great outdoors has just knocked me on my ass.


Just like his ancestors

I’m fishing. Yes…fishing. It’s been been something like 2 decades since I’ve held a fishing pole and today I discover why. 1) I suck at it and b) This is intensely boring. Sitting in a beautiful, serene location with a cooler full of beer and some friends is not the worst way to spend a day but unless you’re catching fish it’s unbelievably dull. The only one catching was Don “The Fish Whisperer”. Fours poles in the water, one person catching fish. 7 of them. To top it off, once he caught 2 at once. That’s not a typo. It’s not a fish story. He caught two fish in one cast. It was ridiculous. Much like golf is a “long walk, spoiled”, fishing is “a day better spent with the cooler of beer at home, with a book”. I’m glad I tried it again in my adult life but as it is…I think I’m set for another 20 years.


A classic while cleaning

My room’s been a little chaotic lately so tonight’s my night to do something about it. I’m going out of town and don’t want to come back to the mess. To that end I’ve put on a movie I’ve seen a thousand times and don’t need to pay that much attention to. That movie is “The Goonies”. I’m actually having a hard time just listening to it. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen it so I’m finding myself actually watching it more than I thought I would. Not all my childhood movies have withstood adult scrutiny but I’m happy to say that so far, this one has. The product placement is a little out of control but, hey, that was the 80’s for you.