Quick congratulations to the new promotions

After a period of adjustment following our previous bosses departure it’s time to officially adjust to his passage. Duties got moved, titles got assigned and responsibility and accountability are finally one in the same for the people who got the promotions. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Band of Brothers” but it’s been weird not having it and is now much nicer to have clear lines and chains of command. To celebrate this happy occasion we have ventured to our favorite after work place, the venerable Blue Martini. I don’t know what’s going on but it is -dead- today. There is practically no one here. I’m not exactly sure why. Makes me wonder what I’ve missed. Regardless, we’re all here and that’s the important part.

I gotta say I’m not super happy with the new camera in this situation. We’ll keep the tests going but I’m not sure this is better than any of my other Blue Martini pictures.


War is hell

I haven’t seen “Band of Brothers” since watching it as it was broadcast back in ’01 and for some reason I’ve had a hankering to watch it again. I started it the other day and I forgot how it was structured. The first 3 or 4 episodes are exciting and very “up”. Then it turns into a bit of a downer. I’m in the downer chunk of episodes tonight. Everyone is freezing, getting blown up, getting shot…which all makes sense. It’s a series about war, I get that. It’s just better when our side wasn’t on the receiving end.

I’m a little nervous to go to bed tonight. This morning the cat had a nightmare or I pushed him in my sleep or something because he freaked and shredded my arm pretty good while jumping off the bed. Let me tell you, that is -not- the way you want to get woken up in the morning. Pain, adrenalin, fur and bloodshed. The best part was realizing that I was making sure Pixel was OK before I stopped my bleeding. It’s like being in an abusive relationship sometimes. “I’m sorry baby, I won’t make you hurt me again”.


Prepare for naptime

I was out way too late last night to be up when I was this morning for breakfast with everyone. I’ve been running full tilt all day and now that I’m home and finally taking a deep breath I can’t really keep my eyes open. I’m letting nature take its course as I read this crime caper novel. I’ve been reading the Richard Stark “Parker” series and they’re a lot of fun. Less than 200 pages each and written in a perfect hard boiled flavor. Fun and interesting without requiring a -whole- lot of extra thought. This picture is taken with the new iPhone. This isn’t probably the best example of the new phone’s awesome extra megapixel of resolution, auto focus and auto white balance but we’ll see over time how it fares compared to some of my previous phones.


Mandalay Bay Dive-in

Mandalay Bay, in their infinite creativity have re-invented the Drive-In. Out at their beach pool they have a movie screen and they run movies out there and call it the “Dive-In”. Take a swimsuit, go for a dip, watch a movie. They have 2 drinks included with the $10 ticket price and there’s just no beating the price. There’s also ping pong which is vaguely inexplicable but still fun. Oh and before anyone asks this isn’t even kind of 6:06. It’s like 5 till 10PM. I was on the phone at 6 and forgot to get a picture afterwards but this way we have something other than a shot of the darkened interior of the Blue Martini.


Faces unseen in human history!

Unseen in human history is pushing it a bit. Unseen in 606 history is closer to the fact of the matter. Manduh we’ve seen many times but with her are yomamma and her sweet baboo, Colin. We’re all down at Ma’s house for some dinner and margaritas. Club S and Cousin Des are in attendance as well. It’s a full house!


Vampire stories are all so complicated

I don’t know exactly what the deal is that vampire stories are insanely complicated and frequently super emo but it is a universal truth. I can’t even blame Anne Rice. Bram Stoker started it and he set the tone forever. I’m watching “True Blood” and I actually like the show but it is funny how it just follows this tradtion with gusto. The biggest problem with this show is that after watching a couple episodes I’m speaking southern. It’s insidious how it sneaks into your language.


Trapped and listening to the radio

I have this thing in my car which is the NPR radio bookmark. You simply hit a button and then next time you’re near a computer you plug it in and it lets you listen to the radio right where you left off. It’s amazingly useful…and missing. For the first time in a while I find myself sitting in the car waiting to finish a story because it’s almost done. For the rest of the evening I’m going to continue to do not a lot. I’m going to do as much of that as I can this week. I’m going to just enjoy my apartment as much as possible.