Homeward bound

After 3 days of fun I’m still not ready to go home. I can feel myself decompressing. I guess I really needed this vacation. Sometimes you just have to get out of town. Today was day 2 of Wordcamp but when I got up this morning I decided that I just didn’t want to sit through another day of conferencing, even if this day was the cooler, geekier, developer day. I played hookey and wandered the city after sleeping in. I found cool cafes for breakfast and lunch. Saw Star Trek (which was totally awesome!). Hit up a good comic shop (Isotope Comics, if you’re in San Francisco, find this comic shop). Stumbled across a craft fair. Spent not nearly enough time in a great used book store and here I am now at the airport with clammy hands because I forgot to check in early enough and ended up in late B group. Looks like no one had A 1-15 though so I think that saved me.


Getting ready for dinner

I’m in San Francisco (which I am now shortening to SF for the rest of this post) for Wordcamp and I couldn’t have asked for it to be in a cooler city. I really enjoy SF. I have been here a bunch of times and every time is different. It’s the kind of place that takes a lot of trips to figure out. As soon as you get sick of one part of the city there’s another part to get to know. When you’re sick of the city there’s always East Bay. This trip is loosely centered between Embarcadero (the hotel) and UCSF (the conference). We’re headed out to dinner at the Stinking Rose in a bit but we didn’t have plans to meet up for a while and I was just killing time in the hotel room when I realized that there was a bar, a good one, right downstairs and I didn’t have to just kill time in an unproductive manner until dinner. Not when they have Racer-5 on tap.


New shirts and a good stout

I had dinner with Ma at Carrabas since she was on her way back from LA from visiting the sibs and hit town at just the right time for dinner. We had a nice dinner and I got some new shirts from her. Damn, if I knew about the shirts I would have paid for dinner. Then I headed over to what I had heard was a nicer liquor store up on this end of town. I was looking for some of the interesting beers I had seen at the Brewfest a couple weeks ago but they only had one of the three I was interested in. The search continues. The guy did have some really good recommendations though (the Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout pictured here) so it wasn’t a total wash. I’m now on my way home to continue the reading spree and perhaps try out this beer.


Im such a yuppie

I decided that what I wanted to do more than anything else this weekend was read a book. Preferably more than one. To that end I have made a foray to Borders for a couple books. 6 books later I was doing my best to wear blinders and just get to the register before I saw anything else. Of course they had a book I wanted in the register impulse aisle…bastards. Someone who planned Town Square totally has my number. There’s a Borders right next to a Whole Foods within walking distance of a Teavana and an Apple store. They might as well stick a vacuum hose in my wallet and be done with it. Whole Foods is where I am right now. This place continually surprises me by how expensive it is. Mostly it’s expensive because I tend to come here for specialty items but still it catches me by surprise. Thus armed with food and books I’m aiming to go home and read until I have to go to work on Tuesday morning with only the minimal required stops for sleep. Food and bathroom breaks don’t really slow down the book train. That’s why reading is awesome, kids.


Welcome to Vegas!

Dan’s been here a while but Susie just moved here from…I can’t recall. Somewhere lame, obviously, since it wasn’t here. This was their homewarming/first get together. There was pizza, beer, almond champagne, Alize and Apples to Apples. What a great combination. I hope we didn’t scare her too much with tales of summer. I saw the fear in here eyes as we described the current 100 degree weather as “a nice spring day” or some equally insane phrase. Insane to anyone who hasn’t been here through a July yet. Hang in there Susie, make it to August and it’s all downhill from there.


Classic movie-ism

I started this movie simply because I had to start something to test out some sound problems we’re having with the media center but I find that now that it’s started, I can’t stop it. It’s interesting how “Mallrats” actually does stand out amongst Kevin Smith’s movies as the black sheep. I like it but there’s a definite weird feel to it which. I’m just glad the failure of this movie didn’t turn him off the film business forever.

I’m actually feeling pretty good tonight which is nice after feeling not good at all the last couple days. I don’t know if it was allergy-zilla or what but I’m glad it’s past.


Continuing immobility

I’m not sure what is worse than hammered crap but that’s how I’m feeling today. I’m watching “Bones” and playing with camera stuff. Lots more “Bones” than camera stuff due to the levels of concentration I’m able to bring forth right now.