Blessed TV

I may have been to busy recently. I’ve had a low level nagging sensation that I’m forgetting to do something tonight, like I’m going to get a call in an hour with someone on the other end saying “You were supposed to meet us here at 7″. Assuming that doesn’t happen I’m using this evening for some me time. Well, me and TV time. I’m crazy behind on every show I watch and I just want to zone out for a night.


Picture editing galore

I’m back home from Manduh’s birthday weekend in LA and I have got an absolute crapload of pictures to go through. Between my own penchant for using the camera and me letting other people borrow the it and take pictures, I broke my previous record for sheer number of photos I have to edit. The previous record being the dog wedding from a few days ago. My volume is increasing. How long until the 16GB card no longer satisfies my needs?


More airport fun

More airport time. I got here kind of early and now the flight is delayed by an hour. Thankfully I got a couple books with me because the one I’m reading right now might last until the plane gets here but there’s no way it’s going to last me through the flight as well.


Happy Birthday Manduh!

Contrary to what the caption up there next to the picture looks like, I did not get Manduh a cat for her birthday. We’re getting ready to go out for the big celebration part of her birthday. Since this is such a big one it’s been pretty much going on non-stop since the actual birthday day 2 days ago.


Leaaaaviiing onnnnnn a jet plane

I’m flying to LA for Manduh’s birthday. It’s a big one. The birthday, not the plane ride. I won’t say which one it was but let’s just say none of the sibs are ever seeing their 20’s again.

Aaahhh, sweet justice, 3 years delayed.


Geek reference

(A little after 6:06 but I didn’t want to take a picture in traffic and endanger everyone) I’m out tonight to see The Airborne Toxic Event at Beauty Bar in fabulous downtown Vegas. Nita hatched this plan and talked Chris, JY and myself into going to it. The only problem with this plan is that the ticket said concert at 8PM so we got here at 6:30 grabbed a drink and the bartender informs us that the first band doesn’t go on till 9:45. Of course that’s the first of 3. The headliner, the whole point we’re out, goes on at 11:45. Work is going to be complicated tomorrow….

The geek reference here is that the Keno board says 404. That’s the error message you get when you go to a page that doesn’t exist on the web. There are lots of really cool ones that people do.


Canine nuptials

So calling this a dog “wedding” might not be the best way to phrase it but Samantha and Heather dressed up Ace and Ally and we took them to the studio for some wedding photos. It’s possibly a little blasphemous but I’ll let you in on a secret, it was also really fun. Keeping the dogs on the table and looking in the right direction while making sure the costumes stayed on, all the while trying to take pictures that looked good, it was complicated and challenging all at the same time. Taking pictures of dogs is also relatively simple. They don’t get all the weird shadows and stuff people do. If this computer programming thing doesn’t work out it appears I have a good secondary career.