Wordcamp Denver. We made it!

No longer driving, we actually made it to Denver. WordCamp was today and it went really well. The only hiccup was the fact that the Internet connection was too underpowered to handle the conference and that meant we might as well not have had any. It was just spotty enough that people kept trying instead of throwing up their hands and giving up. This was on top of the fact that it was in this auditorium built in such a way as to completely kill all cell service. I know we make fun of me for being a little too plugged in sometimes but you should have seen some of these ‘netaholics twitch and gibber.

It bears repeating though that the rest of the conference was really good. The morning was shared and the afternoon was split into blogger and tech tracks so the bloggers didn’t have to sit through the XMLRPC talk and the tech guys didn’t have to suffer…well, whatever was on the blogger track. I obviously went to the tech track.

Pictured here are Hawkins and Andrew, who are a couple of my traveling companions and Jeana and Austin who flew in from LA. We met them at WordCamp Vegas and it was nice to see some people we knew at this thing.


-still- on the road to Denver

We are way up in the mountains today and feeling a little light headed from a lack of oxygen. I know I’m not real in shape or anything but walking 20 yards uphill doesn’t normally put me out of breath. I borrowed Hawkins’ fisheye lens for the iPhone for this picture. All the add-on lenses for the iphone don’t fit quite right and I always get that weird black circle in the bottom but it’s something different.


Middle of nowhere,CO

We’re still cooking along and taking tons of pictures ut here in the wilderness of UT, AZ and CO. You can see the snow on the mountains in the distance. Those are what we cross tomorrow on our way to Teluride and beyond. In lieu of audiobooks we’re listening and watching “An Evening With Kevin Smith 2″ It really makes the trip go fast. Take a look at our site, photosafarinoobs.com to see our conversations and pictures as the trip is happening.


On the road!

Hawkins, Duhg, Andrew and I are leaving Duhg’s driveway in his FJ Cruiser and heading to Denver. Tonight we head into Zion and after that, who knows. We know the route but the details are all left up to fate. Take a look at our site, photosafarinoobs.com to see our conversations and pictures as the trip is happening.


Packed and ready to go

I’m getting all packed and ready to go for the photo safari to Denver. I got a camera bag, laptop bag, clothes bag for 4 days and 3 tripods. Let’s kick this pig! Head on over to photosafarinoobs.com to keep track of our exploits, track our progress and suggest activities for us to photograph.


My Name is Bruce!

I’ve been hearing about “My Name is Bruce” for a while, mostly how it was having a hell of a time trying to get distribution. I know it’s campy and weird and, well, stupid, but it is also really funny. There’s something I just really like about an actor that just doesn’t seem to take themselves that seriously. Bruce Campbell movies are always good clean fun and this one is no different.


A good book

I’m reading “Fool” right now and unless sleep dictates that I have to stop, I’m going to finish it today. Sleep may have to dictate that because I was up -way- too late last night. Starting a 2 and a half hour movie at 2AM was just stupid but hoped I’d power through it. Not a chance. Luckily the book is really, really good so it’s at least keeping my interested.