Comics, comics, comics

I’m headed out to have dinner at Marrakech with Sarah, Chris and Nita but before then I’m going to sit and read as much of this colorful goodness as I can. I’m looking forward to dinner. It’s a fixed price, fixed item, 6 course meal. Hooray for no choices! Plus they have belly dancers. There is no way this isn’t going to be awesome.


Beer and Blog Thursday!

Beer and Blog is still going strong. I fear for our future as it currently seems to be getting a life of its own. Can an event gain sentience? Let’s hope not otherwise we’ll have a Matrix/Terminator style armageddon on our hands. As you can see we had quite a turnout tonight. -Way- more people than I would have expected but I guess people are into it and wanted to hear about the Twestival. Twestival is an event, organized on Twitter, happening in 100 cities around the world on Feb 12th to raise money and awareness for Charity:Water. It’s a really good cause and all that but really we’re all here to socialize and drink great beers, I’m not going to lie. Well, I won’t speak for everyone. That’s why -I- was there.


There can be only one

I’m watching “Highlander” for the umpteenth time since it came out, oh so many years ago. Like always, I’m now asking myself why. Why do I keep doing it and why is this movie such a cult classic. I’m watching it now because it was next on the Lambertathon list. Next time I think it’ll be “Subway” or the one where he’s Tarzan. Or maybe we’ll stop the -athon because, really, Christopher Lambert is in a whole bunch of crappy movies.


She’s so cuuute…take your pick which one I’m talking about

606 supplemental. So a post from the 1.17.09 has been just stuck in the outbox of my phone for over a week. I have no idea why it stayed while new posts went but it did. Anyway, here it is.

Cousin Desiree is back on 606, passing through on her way South. I gave her a much more flattering picture this time. I kinda wrecked it last time she was the subject, sorry Des. It also helps that she has Manduh’s new kitty in her lap. That’s Harley. Harley 1) Because she sounds like a Harley when she’s purring and b) because she kind of has that half and half face thing going on. Wish Des luck on her journey and welcome Manduh’s new kitty to the family.


Trying out the new camera setup at the Blue Martini

With the death of my tiny camera and the purchase of my new nice camera I decided to try something new. I put a tiny lens on my old DSLR and am going to try and use that as my “going out” camera. It’s not exactly sized in P&S territory but it will definitely take batter better pictures than any P&S. If I totally hate it I’ll just replace it with a regular small camera but I’m hoping this works.


Say what you will, Vegas is pretty at night

I’m on my way to the weekly Beer ‘n Blog Las Vegas meetup. It’s a new thing where local bloggers get together and talk about the hobby we all like best. It’s also a fun way to meet new people that you wouldn’t have necessarily run into otherwise. I hope. I missed last week, the inaugural event but I’m hoping to make up for it today. Of course I should have been there 6 minutes ago but between traffic and the slow waitress at CPK, I’m still en-route.


One of the geekier 606 pics

I think this is the first time I’ve ever taken an 606 picture, live, of someone remote. I’m chatting (Skyping?) with Katie over Skype which is kind of cool. I could definitely have more conversations like this. It’s not like I don’t have a computer in front of me just about 24/7 anyway. Both of my laptops even have built in cameras to boot. I can forsee that I may have trouble getting traction on this one. I did discover that instead of discreetly going for a wee it required an actual excusing myself from the conversation for a minute to take care of that. I can see this creating a whole new batch of problems in communication. For now, though, it’s just really fun.