Not really 6:06 but still awesome

Happy New Years everyone!


How could I not love this restaurant?

I’ve been invited out for dinner to this restaurant I’ve obviously heard a lot about and I’m glad I’m finally taking advantage of it. It turns out this place is pretty awesome. It’s low key and fancy without being uptight and too fancy. Excellent staff, excellent food, excellent drinks. Just excellent all the way around. Best of all it’s not too spendy. Not an every day thing but not something you have to save up for months to afford either. Taking some friends out to a nice dinner or taking special someone out for a quiet dinner for two, Todd’s will do wonderfully.


British TV is so much better than ours sometimes

I’ve been turned onto this show “Skins”. It’s a British TV show about a bunch of teenagers. I have a hard time with a fair analogy because it’s not as preppy as “90210” or silly as “Saved By the Bell”. It’s more like “21 Jump Street” without the crime or “Daria” but live action or “Fame” but less gay or “Degrassi” but less Canadian. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it’s a lot like “Degrassi”. The biggest difference from “Skins” and all those shows is that none of them had the amount of cursing, drug use or nudity that “Skins” does. And “Skins” has a lot. Plus it’s really funny and the stories are consistantly really good. Some of those other shows had stories just as good, from time to time…except for the cursing, drug use and nudity. Netflix it, both seasons. You’ll like it I’m sure.


Le Golocita, excellent late Christmas Italian dinner

We picked up Samantha from the airport today and before she went home she wanted dinner so we went to this new place. It’s on Eastern behind the White Chocolate Grill but it pretty much blows that place away. I don’t dislike the WCG but it’s a little overhyped and overpriced. Le Golocita is neither. Their vodka lemon sorbet totally whips the llama’s ass too.


An auspicious odometer

Ma and I are rocketing -back- across the desert to the Nevada homestead and I see this interesting odometer reading. I’m 15 minutes early but it’s still cool so I’m posting it anyway. It’ll probably take at least 15 minutes to find a cell tower that will send this posting email anyway. We had a great family Christmas at Matt’s place in Pasadena with good food and merry good cheer. Merry Christmas everyone!


It’s a little chilly in Pasadena

Some of use weren’t prepared for how chilly it is in Pasadena so there’s been a lot of cowering under blankets on this Christmas Eve.


Mad Greek Cafe

Dad and I are on the way to a California Christmas. The Manduh convinced Ma that since she travelled back to the family homestead the last 11 years for Christmas (as it SHOULD be), we could make the effort to travel to the LA basin this year since now she and Matt are both there and it’s not 4 against 1 anymore. Math tells me that 3 against 2 still wins but travel we are and I have to say it makes sense and isn’t really that bad but I have to keep up appearances and whine about it just a little. I’ve been through the Mad Greek drive through before but never inside and it’s certainly an ecclectic choice of decor. Lots of mirrors and little statues. Totally worth the stop though. They have Mediterannean, American and Mexican food plus some (apparently) out of this world fresh strawberry shakes.