Rocky Horror here we come

I actually have no actual Halloween related activities tonight. Instead we have organized an outing to see a showing of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. How I have managed to be this big of a geek and not experienced “Rocky Horror” in all these years is a mystery. As you can see from the picture we were identified immediately as Rocky Horror “virgins” and marked as such. I’m starting to get scared a little…


Potluck fixin’s

Work is having a Halloween potluck thing tomorrow which means I gotta do some baking. I could bring somethig else but why would I mess with perfection? What I really need to do is figure out a non-dessert analog to the brownies so I have more options when the ievitable potluck arises. As soon as these are done I’m going to bed because I was up waaaay too late last night with Halloween activities. Like I said, I love this holiday but it’s exhausting.


Halloween take 112

Every year it seems I have more and more Halloween activities. This will be the last one of the season and I can pack all my costumery and frippery away for another year. Here we have a picture of the pre-party makeup session because a good costume is all about the little details and, sometimes, those details are makeup. The astute will realize that this is a school night and that it’s not the smartest thing I’ve ever done to participate in this madness when I have work tomorrow but, hey, Halloween only comes once a year and better than living a little is living a lot.

Edit: Pictures of the party now available for your viewing pleasure


Trying to make sense of it

This is the breakdown of that twirling dancer mind screw I posted in comments earlier today. I was hoping to gain some insight into how it does what it does but I don’t get it. I think I’m just going to give up and watch some TV. This seems a good night for some veg time.


Another picture editing Sunday

It seems I find myself with a new Sunday hobby, editing all the pictures that we take Friday and Saturday nights. It’s fun to do and is almost thereaputic in a way. It requires a pretty good amount of concentration since you’re on the constant lookout for ways to crop the photos for better effect, fix the colors if their wrong, twist the colors for fun and special effect and decide which collection the photo goes in. I have a few different buckets to sort a photo into, screensaver, background, collection for the web, collection just for me. With all this going on it’s not something I can do while watching TV…but that’s not so bad.


Gettin’ ready to go

dress, check
purse, check
footie pajamas, check
bonnet, check
pacifier, check
baby bottle, check
good camera, check
small camera, check
extra battery, check

I’m locked and loaded and ready to go.

Edit: Pictures of the event are slightly NSFW so be careful where you view them.


Good movie and 1971? We’ll see about this

I’m home watching “Melody” and getting ready for tomorrows big Halloween Ball. I’m making the purse for the chainmail dress. Every good outfit needs good accessories. Anyway, this movie is a love story between a couple 10 year olds and the entire movie is shot from the perspective of them and their friends. It’s a really good movie and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. At least I found it now, a mere 37 years after it was made. “Harold & Maude” came out the same year and everyone knows that one. I’m not sure how “Melody” got relegated to obscurity.