Anne in a serious movie? Count me in

I’m having a relatively sedate Labor Day Weekend…so far. It’s been one of those things where plans were had and shifted and changed and canceled but lots of other stuff is still coming in to fill the gaps. Sometimes it’s nicer this way. Just let the weekend happen to you instead of attempting to control it. I’m sitting here, catching up on my blog reading (as you can see by this post from the movie blog I read) and after this I think I’ll follow it up with either a movie or some actual book readin’. I just haven’t decided yet. I may just roll the dice and see what happens.


New friends and Ba-Ba-Reeba

Welcome some newcomers to our fair city, Dan and Robin! (Does that count as a shoutout, Robin, or should I add a “Massachusetts, represent!” to it?) Matt, Ray the red haired nut on the left and, of course, Sarah, you’ve seen before. We got out of work early and headed out for a nice beginning to the holiday weekend with some sangria and tapas on the strip. After this I hear there’s some talk of a little Quark’s Bar at the soon-to-be-dismantled Star Trek Experience. I’ve never gotten one of those fishbowls full of bubbling, smoking goodness and since it closes in 3 days we better go soon.

Edit: Of course after wowing the new people with my ability to blog, live, directly from the phone…the damn thing didn’t send until the next day. Stupid iPhone…


Oh John, I’ve missed you

I’m home watching some good comedy tonight. I’ve seen John Pinette a couple times live and both times laughed until I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know what he was up to but I knew he wasn’t doing comedy lately. Apparently he was on Broadway staring in “Hair”. I’m glad to see he was following a dream but I’m more glad to see him back doing what I love.


$16?! I’m gettin’ em

So, not to turn all Matt or anything, but I saw these shoes and had to have them. Ostensibly we were here for Samantha but the roommate and I shopped a little first and then we got to her shoes. She was just getting boring work shoes anyway. We were getting exciting and dynamic. I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to live in the town where Zappos lives.


Still busted…

I am officially giving up on this phone. I’m going to miss the weird extraneous stuff more than the phone itself. That was pretty easily replaced. The cork case and the unsynced information are the hard parts to give up. It was really fun to take apart though. It’s amazing how much crap they fit into such a tiny space. A space that’s at least 1/3 battery. I don’t know why but batteries have just not been able to keep up with the technological advances like computers have. Not at the same rate anyway. They’re better now than they used to be but the difference is nowhere near the difference between todays computers and those of just 10 or 15 years ago. It’s not consuming my evening though. I’ve got “Burn Notice” and “Psych” to watch and chainmail to knit.


Ma’s external cooling solution

Ma’s laptop has been exhibiting a behavioral issue where it’s just getting too hot and shutting itself off. It turns out that the fan is bad but, luckily, easily replaceable. It’s nice to see that in the meantime, while the replacement fan is in transit, Ma has this alternate solution.


The iPhone is dead. Long live the iPhone!

So, an important lesson was learned today. Check -all- the pockets in your pants before you do laundry. You never know. A very small, very expensive, phone slash computer could be hiding in one of them. I went to the Apple store just knowing they were going to be totally sold out and I don’t know what happened, planets aligned or I withdrew from some karmic account but they were in stock! I’m glad I could get one but there were reasons I was waiting. I’ve heard reports that the 3Gs are kind of buggy and I really didn’t want to spend the extra $15/mo for the 3G but the washer and I subconsciously subverted the logical part of my brain and here we are. I found some other people online who had done the exact same thing and some of their phones worked again after they dried out for a couple days so, who knows, I may have 2 iPhones soon.

Todd’s iPhone R.I.P. 09.08.2007 – 08.24.2008