In line again. Hope Imax is worth it

I didn’t really want to wait in line for this movie again but “The Dark Night” is pretty much awesome so here I am again. I’ve never seen an IMAX movie before so I’m looking forward to the experience. I wish the 2.5 hour experience started before 7:10 on a work night but you can’t have everything.


Animal planet

I’m at Ma’s house for some dinner and family visitin’ since Dad’s in town. G-ma’s over here too which means she brought Spike which is what tips it over the edge into Animal Planet at Ma’s house. Since I had that picture of Pixel earlier in the week I decided it was fair to add Skeeter today for comparison.


Tappas bar and lounge

There’s a new tappas place called R.E. Tappas Kitchen and Lounge which is much closer to my house than my current favorite which is Firefly. So far, it’s really good. Firefly probably has a better wine selection but if you’re not into the wine and just want standard booze with your tappas, this is definitely the place to go. My problem with tappas is that it’s easy to go overboard. Feta/spinach fries, brie baked in filo dough, empanadas, mac n’ cheese w/ bacon…all wonderful, and I only had a bite or so of each but all pretty much bad for you. The only arguably healthy thing we had was the pepper seared ahi and even it had some sort of a sauce with it that, though fantastic and spicy, was just too creamy to be anything but bad for me. Ah well, into each life some calories must fall. Keeping those days to a minimum is what it’s all about.


Because I can

My kitty, he’s so cuuuute. This is my website and I get to post pictures of my cat sometimes. Everyone else does it too and I don’t really like being such a follower but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. My actual current activity is reading but I did that yesterday so a picture of Pixel it is.


Weekend entertainment

This would be what I did this weekend. I picked up “Dies the Fire” Saturday morning, read until it was finished Sunday morning, breaking only for sleep and photography. Watched “Duets”, went to the bookstore and got a couple more books and I’ll probably finish “Echo Burning” before I go to sleep. It was a good weekend. Except for the part I had to restore the iphone software because it stopped taking pictures. That part was weak. That’s why this is actually a 7:07 picture, that part took a while.


Fado is back!

I was less than happy when they closed Fado at Green Valley Ranch. I used to go there a lot for pseudo-irish food and good whiskey or beer. It was the only restaurant in the joint that I actually liked or could afford. And then it was gone. Here we are, two years later, and it’s finally reopened just down the street from my apartment. I’m so happy! For this inaugural run at Fado I’m here with Dad. He’s back in America for a couple weeks. One of the nice perks about overseas work is that sometimes you get his kind of a schedule which is work for a month straight, then they fly you home for a couple weeks. Not a bad gig if you can find it. Now, please excuse me, I have a black and tan with my name on it.


New sushi

Kabuki has just opened up down the street from my apartment and I’ve been told it’s a must visit. I guess it’s an LA import. I have to say it’s pretty good so far. The drinks are very colorful and tasty. The food (not pictured) is really good but kind of small. I’ll have to come back a couple more times for a final determination but at this point it is at least worth further research.