Good “off brand” movie

I wouldn’t necessarily call it an “indy” movie, though that may be what it is. It just doesn’t have that indie feel. It’s a fun, interesting bank heist kind of a movie with some weird twists and turns but some pretty cheesy acting. If you don’t let that distract you it’s not bad. This is what I have planned for the evening as well as some laundry. Oh yeah…livin’ the life.

Edit: The name of the movie is “How to Rob a Bank” because I’m a moron and forgot to mention it in the post.


Not exactly 6:06

Manduh is running the bachelorette party tonight and we have a small part in that which is to make sure there’s a booth for them to watch the karaoke proceedings. I did, however, totally space the 6:06 picture earlier though so I’m making up for it now with a really good Alex picture. Metro Pizza is still the best pizza in Vegas. This is a really scattered post but I’m not always good at concise eloquence but I’m working on it. We invented a word for that concept tonight, it’s called conseloquence.


Bob C

By day, data center manager, by night, P.I.


Now for something completely different

Maybe not -completely- different but it’s not Blue Martini. We decided to try a different after work establishment today. It’s good to get a change of pace every once in a while. We decided on the Hofbrau House. Not the one in Germany, just the one in Vegas, in case anyone was confused. It’s hard to not enjoy 1 liter beers, giant pretzels and screaming drunken pseudo-Germans.


Oooh artistic light

It was time for some new color so I went back to a recent favorite, pimpin’ purple. Everyone likes the purple for some reason. I do too but I get more comments on this color than anything else and I’m not sure why.


Here there be dinner

Chicken alfredo here we come. I haven’t cooked in a while and the bug just grabbed me. It didn’t grab me all the way. I want to cook, but I don’t really want to do anything complicated in any way. Boil pasta, cook chicken, toss, eat. This I can handle.


Let me in!

I’m attempting to make a more dramatic photo than what was actually happening…which was nothing. I pull up to my gate, 606 alarm goes off. Not a lot to do in this situation. I was working kind of late to be getting home now but nothing bad. Just lost track of time. It -is- my first evening home in days though so I think I’m going to crack open some fresh TV and veg out.