Evil genius dog?

I’m at Ma’s house helping with some pool stuff and just generally just hanging out and visiting. Visiting Ma is always an adventure because of all the animals. This is Ciego staring at a wall. I don’t know why but it seems important to him. I still maintain that the dog learned from the cats and is an evil genius, keeping up the blind/stupid act to have his every whim catered to. Evidently he does the staring at walls thing a lot. I consider it his time for zen meditation.


I love Greek food

I say greek because at the time I posted the picture I knew I couldn’t spell Mediterranean from the phone. We have a cheap place that delivers close by which is really cool. It’s really nice to have a pizza alternative close by when it comes to delivered food and King Kabob fulfills this nicely. We tend to get hummus and tzatziki with some pita and that’s dinner. I’m not totally sure how healthy it is but it is really yummy.


Weird Japanese translated Sci-fi…heaven

In a weird confluence of events this book was recommended to me by my friend, Nova, the same day that Bubbe recommended another book to me by the same author. Both recommendations came with caveats though. Nova said she liked it but that it was exceedingly strange and not an easy recommend. Bubbe said hers was way too strange and she hated it but she thought I might like it. Not the highest praise ever but intriguing nonetheless. The Internet yielded about the same level of recommendations. people are conflicted. That was enough to go on though so I’m giving it a shot.


See, I check it sometimes

Checking the mail on my way home. It still sucks and mail carriers are still retarded, diaper wearing, poo flinging monkeys but what’re you gonna do?


The curse of digital photography

I read a digital photography article that said (to paraphrase) “When I shot on film I couldn’t help but hear the jingle of 22 cents every time the shutter clicked. There was always a little voice in the back of my mind, laughing at the waste of the money on the shot I had just taken. Digital photography removes that nagging voice because every shot is effectively free”. This is how I feel about digital photography as well. There’s no shot worth taking that isn’t worth taking twice, just in case. The only real limitation is how much battery and memory you have available and these are miniscule in comparison to buying and processing film. The problem, of source, is what happens next. Organizing this mass of images is quite a task as you can see from this screen. This is a single night’s worth of images. Most of them are not awesome but a pretty good percentage are good and the more pictures I take the better the odds are that I end up with some which are awesome. So shutter, shutter, shutter I do. Tonight there is nothing to do but organize the weekend’s evidence.


Shhh, It’s a surprise party

It’s a 60th anniversary/retirement party Jeremy is putting on for his parents but don’t tell them, it’s a surprise. I don’t know about you but surprise parties for people over 40 make me kind of nervous. I’ll just leave it at that. He’s planned quite a party for them tonight with dinner, a DJ, dancing and an open bar. The Terrace knows how to host a pretty good shindig. I have a feeling that it’s not going too late tonight which means there may be some 606 supplemental postings of “the kid’s table” later on.


Andrea and who cares…do I need to continue? Blue Martini, check it out

We’ve headed to the Blue Martini for some happy hour, after work, pre-Memorial Day festivities. I’ve heard that this place is quite the locals hangout. Kind of cool, kind of hip but too far on the south strip to get all the tourists. Most locals joints are kind of small/dingy/gross so this is a nice change of pace. Small/dingy/gross is all good when you’re in the mood but sometimes the change of pace is good.