Devil equipment

I couldn’t figure out exactly what word to put in the subject and finally went with equipment. My first word was machine but that wasn’t right. My other alternatives were contraption, apparatus and contrivance. On second thought I should have gone with apparatus.

I’m helping Ma with the pool equipment. It’s just not sucking enough. I’ve done a lot of work with this pile of pipes before but it has me stumped. I’m asking Ma for a favor as well which is to de-gay my courier bag. I like my bag but it’s a little gay in coloration. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about. A little rainbow flag on it wouldn’t look inappropriate at all. It’s been in the back of my mind to do something about it but the final straw was actually getting hit on whilst wearing it. It’s not that I mind getting hit on, per se. I’m sure he was a lovely boy, but it’s not nice sending out mixed signals like that.


Robots are awesome

I’m working on more reporting but I stopped long enough to look at this video. Robotics fascinates me. I don’t have an aptitude for it. maybe for the programming but not the building. I’m no good with chips and wires. I love all the work that is going on in robotics though. There are some very creative people in that field doing some amazing work. This particular video is of a modular, self assembling robot. A robot that can put itself back together! I prefer to think of it as “Iron Giant” and less like “Terminator”.



I’m on my way home to finish up some work after working late in the office and I decided I needed a crunchy chicken sandwich of some sort. I’m working on reports, lots and lots of reports. As you can imagine it is about as stimulating as it sounds. Either way, soon I shall be done with it…after this sandwich.


One of my clocks is -way- off

The 6:06 alarm on my phone is rarely a wake-up alarm. It’s always quite startling when it happens. Luckily it was there though or my nap may have spiraled out of control. After some carousing on the strip I went to bed pretty late last night and, for some reason, my body decided that getting up at 8:30AM was a good idea. It wasn’t but I lost the argument and just had to go with it. I made it till 4 and decided to make up for the deficit…getting to sleep tonight it going to suck pretty bad.

I know this post isn’t very exciting but it’s Sunday and I’m burnt. I’ll be more entertaining later.


This isn’t a good sign

“That noise was getting worse and then I heard a pop. Suddenly I couldn’t steer anymore…the noise stopped though”. With those words we have stepped back into the unfamiliar ground of car repair. This, invariably, requires the help of Justin. Luckily this wasn’t my car. The belt shredded, which was easy to fix, and was either the cause of, or effect from the idler pulley turning into a mass of twisted shredded metal. That was not so easy to fix. We went to Autozone and found the part but of course it’s really two parts and they don’t carry the other one. It’ll limp through the weekend but I see a trip to Jeep in our future.



I’m tired of work. This week it has more or less consumed my life and it’s wearing me out. I just got home and I’m going to eat some dinner, have a drink, play with the camera, then work some more. I’m just taking a mental break from the crushing uncertainty of whether I’m going to solve these problems or not.


Is it tea based nirvana?

Ma found the ultimate beverage at Smart N’ Final. It’s tea in a bottle that has no flavors or sugar. I just had dinner with her and she let me have a 4-pack to try it out. It’s warm otherwise I’d include an actual review right now. I’ve always figured it was an Arizona thing but it might just be a my extended family thing, but you should see us at a get together or a restaurant. 18 glasses of tea and almost no one (Matt you traitor) is adding sweetener, fake or otherwise, to their tea. Imagine my surprise the first time I saw “Arizona Iced Tea” and it was most foul. Each one a disappointment in fruity, herbal and sweetened flavors. It was awful and not like the Arizona I remember at all. After that I just had to go back to my other hobby of keeping a map of all the restaurants with good tea in my head. My favorite restaurant trick is where they have a dispenser that looks like an actual brewed tea dispenser but it’s just a housing to the soda machine tea. Those sneaky bastards. Please let the Tejeva taste good. Anything to keep me from having to make it myself…