The last two episodes…

I’m back home and relaxing for the evening with a little existential TV. It doesn’t have to give me closure, just more story. And that’s why I like “Lost”. I love the mystery. I love the lack of conveniently closed off storylines. It keeps me watching on a weekly basis and it keeps me begging for more. Is there anything else you can ask from a TV show? I don’t think so.

PS Did you all finish your voting yet?! There’s still time. Until the next entry is posted tomorrow at 6:06PM you have time to make your decision. So vote! YOU can make a difference…



You know how I can tell I’m in California…what is it about this state and traffic? I rented a car for the weekend and barely drove it at all because loosing a good parking spot sucks. It’s a horrible way to live. I’m on my way to the airport which will take me back to the homeland, Vegas. The land of parking wherever the heck I want with almost no rules and, really, isn’t that the American way?


Hope they have a cable

I’m visiting a Fry’s in another city to see if it sucks less that Vegas. I have a feeling that it couldn’t be worse than Vegas though. I guess we’ll see. Stay tuned.


So many people!

I’m not used to this many people leaving Vegas on a Friday night. Usually it kinda works in the other direction. Just in case you were wondering, Vegas to Oakland is a pretty busy flight. I’m getting out of town for the weekend by visiting my friend Nova in the Bay Area. I don’t have any huge plans other than getting out of town and this qualifies.


He killed me!

Time for a Guitar Hero break. We broke down and bought the second game/guitar package so now we get to play against each other. I should NOT have played this song, as you can see. It’s OK though, I beat him on a whole bunch of other songs before this.


Time for a new book

I found out about this book where I find out about most of my books…NPR. They really are just about the best source I have for totally new things I never would have picked up otherwise. This one is a memoir by a guy who inexplicably finds himself working for the advertising arm of a giant record label and his crushing disappointment when he realizes he’ll never again be as cool as he was when he was 17 (which wasn’t that cool to begin with) and he has somehow conned his way into a job he has no business being in. I’m still not sure I would have picked it up but to hear him tell some of his stories on the air totally grabbed me. I’m only 20 pages in but so far it’s totally worth the cost of admission.


The government is so weird

For a project at work I’m going to possibly have access to sensitive governmental data so I had to get a background check. I got fingerprinted and filled out a 10 page questionnaire, the whole 9 yards. If you get an envelope that looks like this, don’t worry about it, just fill it out and send it in. Don’t forget to mention I’m imminently trustworthy and have no history of violence, mental problems, drug abuse or legal issues. Don’t mess with me on this or I’ll kill you! I’m not afraid of jail, I’ve been there before! Where’s my heroin?! Waaaahhh! I made a poopie…where’s my mommee?!

Anyway, I show you this picture because when I saw what they were sending out I just about wet myself for real. There’s this completely ominous return address with a seal and everything, followed by “Have a nice day”…seriously?! I think they do that to soften the “sticker shock” of getting something that looks like that but I don’t think it manages because it just looks…weird. That’s not part of the envelope either. It’s on a line that’s part of the envelope but obviously added after the face. What else would go on that line?! I would like you all, my reading public, to answer me that in the comments. What else goes on that line?