Getting my hair painted

It’s been 6 weeks which means I’m overdue for some new hair paint. I’ve only been able to wait because the purple lasted forever. Definitely something to keep in mind for future coloring possibilities. I was going to go green all over again, like last year but we kinda ran out of dye so we did a partial color, like the purple/blonde or orange/blonde I’ve done in the past. After this it’s time for some comics and some sleep. Lots of sleep. That will be awesome.


Her dog is huge!

The dog, Allie by name, is the reason we stopped by today. She needs a door to the backyard so we came by to help with the schlepping it home from PetCo and the installation. Samantha has been packing and moving for the last 2 weeks straight and I don’t know where she gets the energy. That little can of Red Bull isn’t really going to cut it. It’s all coming together though and soon she’ll be able to just relax in the new place.


New house smell

Samantha and Jeremy have stopped the search and found their dream home. I can’t believe how neat their house is. It’s this weird dual master bedroom setup, it’s crazy. Two stories with a master bedroom and “living room” or whatever you want to call it on each floor. It’s practically built for parties. It’s also great for two people who can hang out if they want, or ignore each other if they want and not feel like they’re hiding in a bedroom. We are over here to help facilitate the hooking up of the electronics. We may not be good for much but we do have those skills.


Secret movie preview!

Geeeek managed to score some preview passes to “Semi-Pro” so we’re here at the lovely Brenden theaters at the Palms to watch it. I’m not the worlds biggest Will Farrel fan, I always seem to like the movies his big fans don’t like as much, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” or “Stranger Than Fiction” instead of “Taladega Nights” or “The Anchorman”, but I am looking forward to “Semi-Pro”. The previews seemed funny. My only actual problem is that I detest Brenden Theaters. My two main reasons are 1)They don’t have any Coke product, only Pepsi and b)The previews are just plastered with Mr. Johnny Brenden, the owner, president and CEO of Brenden theaters, whose looks make me want to punch him, repeatedly. I’m not exactly certain why. I don’t know if it’s the shaved head or the multiple earrings or Lamborghini or the tracksuit or some combination of the above, but something about him makes me immediately dislike him. The upshot is that I am incredibly relieved to see the previews once they start and he goes away. Maybe that is his secret plan. I’ll let you be the judge, what does this face say to you?


Sometimes the British are as good as the French

Having been recommended this movie by a number of people, I finally remembered to watch it. It was an awesome movie, which I also highly recommend to anyone else. It’s a good movie with a wide audience and Chewitel Ejiofor nails his part brilliantly. I also recently saw him in “Talk to Me” and “Children of Men” and of course remember him from that little space drama he did, so seeing him as a drag queen was a little strange. He’s got the acting chops to carry it off though and has really made me like him more and more as an actor. It reminds me of watching “The Matrix” and seeing Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, not Mitzi Del Bra from “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”.


Couldn’t wait any longer

I’ve saved up 4 episodes but I can’t take it anymore. I have to see what’s happening to the “Lost” crew. We’re on the second episode and I just know I’m going to be ticked off at the end of the 4th…but it’s going to be oh so good until then.


Hey! It’s not a TV screen!

I’m at ye olde Carrabbas italian restaurant with Ma and Club S. We haven’t seen Club S in ages so it was nice to hang out and catch up over dinner. I have nothing exciting planned after this though I did spend some quality time in Trader Joes before dinner. What is it about the clientele. Are the guys hot too or is it just the ladies? Normally I wouldn’t mention it but every time I go it’s inordinately stacked with very attractive winning out handily.