More awesome movie-ism

As you can see this is not my house so I’m showing this vaguely illegal picture. 2 out of 4 people here actually watched it in the theater so I don’t feel too bad about it. Well, maybe a little bad because we’re watching “Juno” and it’s freaking awesome. I think we’ve all seen it by this point but just in case we all haven’t you then should go see it right now. Stop reading, leave work, go…


More good movies

“Punch Drunk Love” is the most psychoticaly awesome love story of a
movie I’ve ever seen. Watch it, love it, you’re welcome.


The Wire is back!

We have some movies to watch but it’s been over a year since I’ve seen “The Wire” and, since it’s just about the best show they ever put on television, I had to watch it. We’re halfway through the first episode of Season 5 and it is -everything- I remember. Gotta go, don’t want to miss a moment of it.


Stocking up

Before anyone gets too worried, the title of this post is supposed to be titillating and exciting but doesn’t really reflect reality. I’m at the liquor store for some wine which is, in reality, a very pedestrian an relaxed method of alcohol consumption. I did happen to be looking at the expensive “behind the glass” whiskey when the alarm went off though I don’t feel like dropping over $100 on a bottle right now.


Here’s to a western done right

That’s how it was described to me anyway. We’re watching “3:10 to Yuma” which I’ve been meaning to do forever but just hadn’t managed. Now, I’m managing. We only just started it but it’s starting out pretty good. I’ve been chilling out at home all day. Woke up stuffed up and sore and decided that drugs and sleep were in order and that work could live without me for a day. I watched “War” which wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared and “Helvetica” on Adamn’s recommendation. I know what you’re thinking but he was right. It really was very interesting. More a documentary about graphic design and typography in the last 50 years than Helvetica specifically.


Sushi madness

We’re at JPop in Mandalay Bay for some sushi and sake. They have some good sushi here although it’s not particularly the cheapest. They have something called the Red Dragon roll though that is totally worth the price of admission. Spicy tuna and garlic sauce and awesome. Mmmmm…We needed to take a break from hanging out at home and watching movies. OK, so Samantha made us take a break from hanging out and watching movies at home. Either way, we’re out and about.


More movietime

Sometimes I read a lot of books, sometimes I watch a lot of movies. As
you may have gathered, this is a watch a lot of movies period. I’m
having a whole lot of fun watching movies I totally missed last year.
I (thus far) can’t recommend highly enough going through that list I
posted previously about the 19 movies you didn’t see last year. I
haven’t seen a dud yet.