Classic Futurama goodness

Nova and Evan are here for a visit so I’ve been re-discovering my skills in how to entertain a 6-year old. Turns out that a Wii is a key piece in this endeavor. “Simpsons” or “Futurama”, as pictured here, is also an excellent source of entertainment although it does tend to overuse the word “ass”. Circus Circus and Sunset Park also have been tested to good results.


Pixel’s helping with the dishes

Mostly he’s just standing in the kitchen meowing at me. I think he’s just confused because I’m cleaning. Up yours, cat! I do clean sometimes.



We’re watching “Death at a Funeral” which has to be one of the best
movie names of all time. I read a post about the best movies of 2007
that you’ve never
seen and sure enough I’ve only seen a couple of
them. So I’m working on remedying that situation as best I can
starting with this one. If the rest of the list is as good as this one
then it looks like we’re in for a good time.


Christmas-eve at Ma’s

Ma’s menagerie. It looks worse than it really is because Ma is currently babysitting both Matt’s dog, Ciego, and G-Ma’s dog, Spike. We were outnumbered by the animals until Club S showed up and evened the score. I was getting worried there for a while.


Subtitled movies rock

Manduh and Matt are in town (not pictured here) so we had lunch and I went comic shopping with Matt for a bit before heading home. I hit up Trader Joes so I picked up some easy to cook tilapia, popped in a great movie and introduced the roommate to it. “City of Lost Children” is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s weird, it’s French,This is the same director that did “Amelie” and “Alien Resurrection”. He’s weird, he’s French, he makes some really good movies. Next time I’ll have to put in “Delicatessen”


Amberlyn and Sarah, a recipe for fun

Most people left early today or yesterday to do all the family stuff but there’s a few still hanging around or leaving tomorrow. Sarah and some of the geeks were at the bar and it was easier coming here than going home and finding food there. They had a foot long cod sandwich. How could I resist? Amberlyn also stopped by for the photo before she heads off on the red eye to New York for family stuff. She better bring some warmer clothes I think.


Evil machine

It’s all about the intermittent reinforcement