Alex the storyteller

This picture is a very weird and dark picture of Alex but I kinda like it. Manduh’s in town so we met up with Club S and Ma for some dinner at the Roadrunner. I haven’t been here for a while because they suck at lunch now. They have made the edict of playing only country music during lunch. It’s horrible and they have lost our custom.


My roommate the rock goddess

Guess what finally got fixed! Sorry, gotta run. Got Wii’en to do.


Ice Skating and commerce

I had to head out to the mall for some maintenance shopping, underwear and such. With the arrival of the rejuvenated Wii tomorrow I also picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III. I hope it’s as fun as the PS2 version was while hammered out of our gourds on Justin’s 30th birthday. Regardless I’m going to be happy to have bowling and tennis back.


A little more weekend Dexter

I’ve been enjoying the show so it’s been a really nice routine to sit and watch and take care of some work. Sometimes I need a show I’ve seen and sometimes I need something new. This is why it’s nice to keep a variety around.


New TV

It’s nice to have alternatives to regular TV since it’s been so
erraticaly scheduled lately. Holidays always wreck the schedule and
with the upcoming writers strike I’m going to have to go to secondary
shows. I wonder if the strike is going to boost DVD sales of older
shows. I’m going to say yes.


Thanksgiving with the sibs

We’ve done the turkey and stuffing and hominy etc and now it’s time for the kid’s table to move on to Thanksgiving part 2. Matt’s friend Ryan is in town so we’re going to meet him and grab a post Thanksgiving beer. I’m a little worried because I’ve heard the stories but hopefully it doesn’t get too nuts.


Kevin O’neil!

You don’t know who this is but he’s a fantastic comic book artist when
his work isn’t getting wrecked by Hollywood. This is the man who drew
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and drew it so well.