I feel better now, aaah…

I’m unnaturally happy that this show is starting again. Normally I don’t get -that- excited about TV but I’ve really been enjoying this show. This is about it for today. Yeah, this is as exciting as it’s going to get.


A new entrant to the TBC

The t-bomb club (TBC) is possibly not the best idea we ever came up with. 8 t-bombs in 2 hours is…well…dumb. They should license that amount of 151. It is a lot of fun though. Molly (pictured here on the right) lobbied hard to get a different level in the club for the lighter, smaller of us (a mere 6 instead of 8). She then ignored the new rules and went for a full blown club. No one said it made any sense. We now have our first lady, queen of the TBC.



Ma (hiding behind me) is buying me pants for my birthday so we’re here
at Dillards shopping. I hate shopping, especially for clothes. Im
always sure I’m going to buy something that looks stupid. I’m just
happy at the sizes I’m buying. These are the smallest pants in the big
and tall section and that is very exciting because next time I’ll get
to go to the normal part of the store.


Demon cat!

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with him but he’s going crazy on
my leg. He hasn’t stopped rubbing his face on me for the last 5
minutes. It would be weird but I’m taking 606 pics of it the whole
time so I haven’t had time to get weirded out by it.


Books and dinner. Life is good

Garlic herb mushroom chicken cooked in the standard way and a good
book. This is living. “Golden Compass” took a bit to get going but
around page 60 it grabbed me. Hopefuly it can maintain.


Lord save me from Walmart

I had to go to the most evil of stores because I needed the items shown here. I would normally pick another store for such things but I went to PetCo for some extreme necessaries, namely kitty litter and cat food, and Walmart is next door. I hate driving around more than I hate spending money at the empire of Sam Walton. Unfortunately they didn’t have Zesty Vlasics so I’m going to attempt a secondary source of Zesty-ness.


One last pic before next season

This show is oddly enjoyable. I’m not really sure why. I mean its not
horrible but its not great either. Although any show that puts both
Bruce Campbell and Jeffery Donovan together, well that’s genius.