Utah, but at least we’re together

We’re here in Utah, the state of insanity, as a surprise for Ma’s birthday. This way no one’s suffering the insanity alone. Can we handle it for 3 days straight?! We have some good activities lined up so we should be OK.


Nathan, why are you so doomed

Poor Nathan Fillion. He’s so good but he’s just got the worst luck. First came “Firefly” then this show, “Drive”. Those two shows aren’t even in the same ballpark in terms of quality but “Drive” is pretty entertaining and was canceled prematurely. I still hold out hope though. Maybe he’ll finally pick a show that will last and not suck. While we’re at it, Summer, Alan, Morena, Gina, Adam, Ron, Sean and, of course, Jewel Staite, if you could all find something else good to be on as well, that would be awesome.


New TV

I should probably read or something but I’m not really excited about anything I’ve got to read right now. So I turn to the Internet to help me out.


This one’s for Matt. FUCK UTAH!

What a crappy, irritating, insular, backwards crap-hole of despair. No wonder they have the highest per capita rate of antidepressant usage. The entire state needs to be rebooted. I’ve never met anyone who used to live there who wasn’t happy to be gone. I’m going to call that a pattern.


Foreign but no subtitles? Surely you jest

It’s “Les Triplettes de Belleville” and it’s basically awesome. It’s a French animated masterpiece without any dialog. Ostensibly it’s about a guy who gets kidnapped on a fictional Tour de France. The story isn’t really the point. When a movie runs for an hour and a half without a single line of dialog and still makes total sense…that’s the awesome.


Such a good movie

“Stardust”, yeah, I’m watching it again. So should we all.


J’s in the jungle

Ma’s in Utah visiting Matt and she wanted me to stop by the house and check out the pool and cat’s box. Since it’s still summer and there’s a pool here I decided to throw a little BBQ with The J’s and Club S. I can’t decide if it’s too much like a jungle or is just fine the way it is. My opinion varies with direct relation to how low I have to stoop to get past the tree to open the front door. Right now, not too bad.