My heirloom chairs

I’m down in BC today visiting Ma and helping her move some furniture around and Club S came down to join us for dinner. The chair pictured here is one of a pair from Bubbe and Zade. They’ve had them for just about my entire life and though I have looked high and low they just don’t make chairs like this anymore. They are the best reading chairs ever and they were getting rid of them and I snagged them! Whoo hoo! I’ve been actually buying all my own furniture lately instead of getting cast offs but these are the exception to the rule. Now I just have to find somewhere to put them.


An addiction

Kingdom of Loathing…once it has you it never lets go. I was playing this game like two years ago, got bored, stopped, and yet here it is again. The guys who program it have added a lot of new story though which is pretty cool. Keeps it fresh over time. I’ve got work later on but this and “The Office” will keep me occupied until then.


Finally watching it. Get off my back

I’ve said it forever but I meant it. I told you all I’d watch “The Office” someday. That day is today. I hear I have to just power through the first season and Season 2 gets much better. Looks like it’s only 6 episodes though so if it’s heinous at least it won’t be too much of it.


I feel like crap

I’m not sure what happened but I’ve been pretty sure I was going to puke (vom, retch, heave, yak, ralph, hurl and my favorite, jerk the cat) for most of the day. The Llama is the same way. It’s not like we ate the same thing for dinner or anything…what’s that…I’ve been informed we did kinda have the same thing for dinner. We both had a bowl of potato ham chowder from two different cans. They were on sale. Is it a bad idea to eat soup that was on sale? They weren’t even expired. I’m calling this causative and tossing the other 4 cans. I left work early and everything. There’s only one thing to do…crackers, sprite and whatever movies I have lying around. I’m giving “Astronaut Farmer” a shot. It seems like it could be good. It could also suck. It’s one of those movies that could go either way. I’m hoping Virginia Madsen and Billy Bob can pull it the right direction.


Not a darned thing

I’m a little zoned out after the weekend in UT and getting back into the swing of work. There’s so many things I could do right now but I’m skipping all those and opting for nothing. I’m kinda doing something useful and getting the loaner Mac ready to go back to Fry’s but that doesn’t really count.


Bye Maphoo

Well, the weekend is done and we’re headed back home. Today was a little frustrating because, evidently, there’s some state holiday called Pioneer Days where everything is freaking closed. On a Tuesday. Unbelievably lame. I mean I understand but I really wanted to go to this giant used bookstore in downtown Salt Lake. Luckily we found another smaller used bookstore near Sugarhouse which was really cool so it made up for it a little. I spent a bunch of money there just to reward the behavior. Central Book Exchange, check it out, they rule. We also ate lunch at The Pie near the UofU. It was fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to check out a fantastic pizza place in SLC. It’s kinda weird to find but well worth the journey.


Reading in Park City

3/5ths of Team Voltron went back home last night so, with a much smaller group, we’ve made the trek to Park City. Overall it seems like a cute little mountain town. It’s got some really cool looking houses and a nice overall feel to the place. The major problem is that, with only one exception, no one was playing our reindeer games. Normally, when we’re out shopping, we chat up and joke with the various waiters and sales staff. They get surly annoying customers all day long and we try to brighten up their day a little bit. We’ve all worked retail and know what it’s like. Normally, this works well and everyone’s happy. In Park City, all the way up and down Main Street, no one was biting. Throw a joke, it fell flat. Make a comment, get a blank stare. One girl at the ice-cream counter actually gave me a blank stare and then just walked away and told someone else they had to help me. It was -really- bizarre. We’re used to not everyone really “getting” us but it’s usually the exception not the rule. Not in Park City. The overall attitude was “stop talking to me, buy something, get out”. The one notable exception in this was the hostess at the Wasatch Brew Pub. She was fantastic. Chatted about Harry Potter and the restaurant and joked when she took our plates away. Everything we would expect. After seeing her at the front door we were hopefuly but our waiter didn’t really get it just like no one else had got it. Overall I don’t know how I feel about Park City, if it weren’t for this weird Main Street experience I would say yay, check it out, as it is I just want someone else to go and see if it was just a bad day or something. Maybe my blue hair really freaked them out a little bit, I don’t know.