FAO rules my little world

So we found the kid friendliest place in Vegas, FAO Schwartz. The ironic part is that we are having waaaay more fun here than the 6-year old is. We have all totally reverted down the age scale. I could spend ridiculous amounts of money here, I have to keep reigning myself in. You should have seen us on the walking piano. It wasn’t “Big” but it was funny. I’m not joking about having more fun that he is, he told us he was bored and “how much time are we going to spend in here, anyway?”


Nova’s here!

Nova’s back in town! She brought her son, Kid Vicious (which I mean in the best possible way) to Vegas to show him where she used to live. I’m not sure we’re going to get to all the activities she wants to get to while she’s here but we’re going to try. It’s going to be interesting to make sure we find all the kid friendly stuff to do. I’ve never tried this style of tourism guide so it’s an experiment.


Step 1: find Wii Bar. Step 2: Hack

In further experiments to make the Wii work with a front projection system we have decided to just change the existing Wii sensor bar instead of making one of our own. Thus far…it’s not going well. We cut the end off the cable, following directions perfectly, and then we noticed more directions further down that mentioned that it would be a lot easier if you skipped step 1. It was a little too late. So we’re taking the hard route but, hopefuly, it will work out in the end.


Insane in the membrane…Dance Candace!

It’s that time again and I decided not to allow the music station since I wasn’t the only one there. This means it’s hip-hop madness. “Insane in the Membrane” came on and Candace went crazy. She’s actually dancing to it as she’s doing my hair. Luckily we’re past the part that required scissors.


On our way to the computer doc

As cool as the macbook has been, it now has an issue. Unfortunately this is an issue of the hardware variety so it’s not something I can take care of myself. This is why I got the extended warranty. I was going to get it anyway but on the day I bought it the sales guy was recommending it thusly “You’ll probably want the extended warranty because if you send it in to Apple it can take a month to get it back and there’s been a lot of problems with the screens”. Not exactly the best sales pitch for a laptop I’ve ever heard but a great one for the warranty. Sure enough, I have a constellation of flickering green pixels across my monitor that shift and change when I move the screen. I believe that my warranty means that Fry’s replaces my unit immediately and they deal with Apple on my model. I guess we’ll see when I get there.


This is how we roll

A group of us went to see “1408” at the theater and I didn’t quite get the picture during the movie. This is what we did for entertainment directly after the movie. DDR battle royale between geeeek and Sara. I think she should have been given a handicap seeing as she was in heels and everything but geeeek takes his victories any way he can. Oh, and the movie…well, let’s let geeeek and nita tune in. For my part, it was a PG-13…well, that’s kind of as far as I have to go, it doesn’t really matter after that. Once I saw that my expectations went low and I was not surprised. Oh, and it was also based on a Stephen King story and wasn’t “Shawshank Redemption”. Did I mention it was directed by the guy who did “Derailed”? -sigh- what was I thinking.


Such a good cartoon

The roommate’s never seen “Venture Bros.” before so I am indoctrinating him in the sublime comedy that it is. Don came over today to hang out and this was about as exciting as we got. It’s not full screen because we keep pausing and checking the stuff in the background. We’re attempting to streamline the process to encode and save Tivo shows for posterity. Mostly stand-up comedy. The existing process has been modified a couple times over the years, each time getting a little faster with less involvement on my part. I’m hoping to get it to be nearly one click on my part this time. That would be awesome.