Mmmm ‘zza Hut. Glaaaah……

We’re hanging out with the new Wii game tonight so we’re going to let “the hut” do it for us.


It’s a birthday!

Well, not a birthday that we were invited to or anything. The Llama and I went to Road Runner for dinner and walked into the middle of a surprise birthday evidently. All we ask for is a relatively quiet place to get some dinner and play some keno and Road Runner consistently ruins those plans. Sometimes it’s fine but sometimes it’s like 7:30 and full of yuppies and hipsters. Sometimes there’s a game on and the place is full of screaming sports fans. Still, they have good food and they know us here and that goes a long way to making it all palatable.


The Sheriff of Nottingham is so evil

I did a bunch of work this morning so I’m taking a little “Robin Hood” break. Unfortunately that has spiraled into 4 hours. It’s been a while sin
ce I’ve just sat and watched a bunch of TV like this though. Then, of course, I had to stop and make dinner so now I’m digesting. After that, back to work! It’s like I’m in college again. “Dude, that class isn’t for like another 6 hours, I totally got time to write that paper”. I’d like to give a shout out to Manduh who appreciates a good procrastinate just as much as I. Oh yeah, I had a point. “Robin Hood” is great. I’m not going to say amazing but definitely worth watching as is just about everything the BBC puts out. This dude here plays the best sadistic Sheriff of Nottingham. We’re more used to the Disney version I believe, where he was a bad guy but not particularly scary. The BBC edition gives me the willies.


The Cubsis team is are crazy

Those are not typos. They are 2 long running jokes at my company. Cubsis being a rather famous misspelling of the actual companies name and “is are” being a famous engrish graphical button put out by one of our designers who wasn’t a native English speaker. It goes like this. New button made says “Your stuff are ready”. Someone says “It’s supposed to say is”. So he fixed the button, then it said “Your stuff is are ready”. We had a really good time with that one. Regardless, this group of people pictured here is are crazy. The torch has been passed time and time again at this company and this group right here is the holder of the party torch. Do NOT go out partying with them unless you know what you’re doing. It can get a little…much…if you aren’t prepared. You have been warned.


Hooray for Lost!

After a small wait, it’s time for Lost. 4 hours of mystery and…well, mystery. They don’t answer a whole lot of questions on this show but, damn, they make it interesting anyway. I’m in for the journey. Mostly I’m in for the 3 day weekend. Whoohoo! I am not doing crap this weekend. Nothing…nada…except for some work I have to take care of on Monday maybe. I could do it at anytime but I’m going to procrastinate it as long as possible to preserve my sanity.



I think I’m in desperate need of some Wii time. Bowling and my Mii will get me through this. That’s not a typo. The orange guy is my Mii. He looks vaguely like me and holds all my scores and stuff. It brings a very personalized approach to the whole gaming thing.


Missing a critical tool

I’m trying to make falafel for dinner but that requires frying and I don’t have a thermometer that will do oil temp. Damn. I’m hoping that one of these cookbooks will have the info I need for estimating it but so far I have no luck. My “go to” books for cooking questions are “The Joy of Cooking”, Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here for the Food” and the red and white checked, 3 ring binder cookbook. I can never remember what it’s called but it’s a necessity. AB’s books is awesome but reads more like a book that a cookbook and the info isn’t always organized real well for quick lookups. It’s awesome for answering questions like “How should I fry something” 10 ages later you know everything there is to know to get you up and frying in no time. The Joy of Cooking will tell you the rest. It’s like trying to cook with an encyclopedia. It has absolutely everything you need to know about cooking everything including wild game and what I wuld refer to as varmints. With all this info it’s the perfect quick lookup tool, but not today. The other book is my most used cookbook. How to fry a chicken, step one, two, three, you’re done. No interesting backstory on frying and/or chicken, no info on frying crazy variations of chicken or duck or swan with tasty wine and wild veggie reduction sauces. Maybe the info will be in there. If not, I’ll have to go to my ultimte fallback and just wing it. That’s how my Ma taught me how to cook and it will always get food on the table.