It’s a mortar and pestle game. Really

…and it’s really hard. Well, maybe not hard, but I haven’t figured out how to beat it yet. This is one of the many, many mini-games in Warioware – Smooth Moves. I like the mini-game concept because sometimes I don’t really want to sit around and play something that’s going to take an hour or two to get to the next stage. Instead I’ll just spend an hour or two playing a mindless minigame. Scrub a cows ass, shave a sheep, drive a car, blow up a balloon, balance on a ball, make a marionette hit some balls, all these and more in this ridiculously silly game.


Dinner is served

Roasted garlic aioli, pasta, chicken…it doesn’t get any better than this. It’s technically breakfast. I haven’t been up that long, which is a problem. Stayed up too late last night, slept too late today. There’s no way I’m getting to bed before 1AM. We’ve already decided to hack the Wii. Not really hack, per se, but more of an adjustment. An improvement, if you will. The designers of the Wii didn’t really plan on people having projectors where the Wii would actually be behind the players. This is a problem because the sensor bar has to be in front of the controllers and centered on top of or below the television. We discovered, however, that the “sensor bar” is really nothing more than a powered IR emitter. It doesn’t actually talk back to the Wii itself, the controllers just look for the IR lights. So, with the help of come IR LEDs from Radio Shack, a battery pack and a shipping tube we have our very own “wireless”, projector-friendly, sensor bar. Sometimes it rules being me.


The wedding party

Hope and Don, after dating for a heck of a long time, at least for the 3 years I’ve known them, have finally tied the knot, gotten hitched, chained some balls (I’m not sure about the phrasing on that one but I was running out of euphemisms and wanted one more, feel free to fill some more in below) I even dressed up, as you can see. It’s nice to have a reason to dress up every once in a while. It’s not something I want to do all the time but on occasion it’s fun…though expensive. It would be easier if I had that kind of wardrobe lying around, but I don’t. Weddings are still kind of weird for me to go to. I just haven’t had that many friends get married. This makes only the 4th one so far. I’m always just vaguely lost at that darn things. I don’t know where to sit, what to say, when to say it, when to sit, when to stand and on and on and on. My only goal is to not embarrass myself and become a story that the happy couple tells for the rest of their lives.


Nothing beats socializing with the Foells

So we decided on a quick trip to PTs after work whereupon I immediately spilled a drink on Carly (pictured here, she’s the one who’s neither Justin nor Jessi). Not the best way to end a week. Of course all I want to do this evening is go home and play with my new Wii. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii and it is just about the best thing ever. One of the most interesting things about it is that playing games on it is exercise. Playing tennis and boxing is enough to actually cause me to break out in a sweat and cause muscle soreness the next day. It’s awesome. This is the best idea in video gaming ever. More pictures to come, I am sure.


I love the smell of comerce in the evening

I met up with Ma for some dinner and now I’m heading over to the mall to check out the LoveSac store. I’ve heard about how cool these modern living room accoutrements can be but I’ve never had the chance to check them out. I’m considering one of these to solve my living room seating situation though so it’s time to analyze. Now that we’re mostly moved in it’s down to living room furniture and a light canceling curtain and the apartment is officially wrapped up in a bow and livable. Now if we could only teach the cat to actually use the cat door we installed, it would be perfect.


Time for new wheels?

I figure the set of wheels that came with my car are kind of like training wheels. I’m not too bad about it anymore but the evidence shown here was easily the worst. I really wracked the heck out of that fire lane curb.


Pixel’s helping us work

The Llama and I have been staying home all day to finish up the project that wouldn’t die. This is the project we’ve been working on since the beginning of January. We are in the final stages though and with one big push we will be done. Hopefully by a reasonable time. Reasonable or not, it’s getting done tonight. Thankfully Pixel is here, helpfully putting his tail in our faces, obscuring our monitors, laying on our keyboards. I just don’t know how we could do this without him.