The other half of the moving adventure

So I’ve been moving and not posting words…-sigh- so sue me. I’m all packed at this point and just came over to the Llama’s place to help him with some direction. Luckily he doesn’t have as much stuff as I do so it won’t be too bad. The only problem is that we keep getting distracted…what’s that on the screen…oh wow…neat…that reminds me…


Say goodbye to the braces

Jessi is ripping the braces off on Monday. I think at this point that if the dentist didn’t help her she’d do it herself. It has been a long, complicated, exhausting week so we are taking a well deserved bar break. Tomorrow I finish packing and on Sunday I move. Then one really, really big thing will be off my plate and under control. Now if I can just get the rest of the things I have to do dealt with as well, I may start feeling normal again…whatever that is.


Yet another phone

So I shattered the screen on my D807. I got this one instead of just getting the same model again because this one has a flip. Hopefully this saves me from doing the screen breaky thing again. I’m not sure what happened. I made a call, walked to my car, pulled the phone out of my pocket and it was broken. This new one is my 6th phone in 2 years (25 months to be exact) That’s not a good track record. I can’t live without one though and since the 2 big requirements I have (good camera, bluetooth) are not cheap, it’s an expensive habit. I should just take up drugs or something. That may be a cheaper route.


Matt and the cousins It

Matt’s in town for some class thing about some drawing doodad. I wasn’t really paying attention. I’ve heard of and used the program but can never remember what it’s called. It’s just a short visit though so it’s just dinner and then he’s back to the land of Utah, where, to quote Lewis Black, “It’s like living in a diorama all the $*&*#ing time”.



Yay! I’m packed! Mostly. I haven’t packed any computers or A/V equipment but that’s pretty simple and I’m definitely going to need that stuff between now and Sunday. Ma came buy and helped me get it all organized and under control while I was at work. I need to do something really nice for her because there is no way I’d be this prepared for the move otherwise.


Weeping uncontrolably

At work…once again. This is just so sad. We have finally, FINALLY, managed to get a handle on the whole situation and I can go back to normal 10 hour days. I’m a little tired of seeing my fearless leader, his majesty, The Cheese. I keep sneaking him into pictures so he decided to actually pay attention when I took this one so it wasn’t just him pointing at a whiteboard or something. He’s a good manager though. He managed to get us all dinner while we all did the, you know…, work. Sometimes that’s all you need.


Thank god…Not at work

I’m not at work! Yay! Although I am home packing so it’s a pyrrhic victory. It’s not exactly the relaxing evening at home I would hope for. I worked this morning but that didn’t take the entire Sunday so Ma was able to come over and help me start the packing process correct. She’s got mad packing skillz yo. I’m hoping that between today and Tuesday I can get it all taken care of. We’ll see if work obliges. It’s had a way of not allowing that lately. It’s OK though. I have a light at the end of the tunnel. Big projects are coming to a close and I’m getting a new apartment which is very exciting. The best part about the apartment, which is a stupid thing to most people, and even me, is that I’ll be able to properly center my projector correctly and hopefully be able to skip the whole digital keystone process. I turned it off the other day to read some text on the big screen and I can’t believe the difference it made. I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome. And I’ll be able to get a proper desk for the bedroom. And a better banquet table for the office computers. Is there no end to the benefits?!