Bask in the glory

That’s a lot of drives right there. Old ones in the middle spiral, new ones mounted in trays and stacked on the right. Empty boxes behind. I finally have everything ready to go and now it’s time for testing. I have no idea what the new configuration is going to be. Do I need to build for speed or extra redundancy or space? What filesystem do I format as? All these questions mean 3 or 4 days of testing and configuration. To paraphrase a popular commercial “Don’t bother me, I’m geeking”


Malex is back!

Well…sort of. Manduh’s on her way back home so we’re doing a pre-flight dinner with the crew. Even Matt got in this one from 300 miles away. All I want to do is go home and install some hard drives but right after dinner I have to go back to work and babysit a server roll over. This is even worse than buying books that just sit there and mock me for not reading them. March is on its way though which means that soon I will be back to a normal, relatively serene existence.


Act casual

I had dinner with Ma and Manduh and it was not the most exciting thing ever. We were all yawning and falling asleep. I guess it had been a big day for everyone. I know it was a big day for me. Last night 2 of my 6 250GB drives had errors within minutes of each other, putting my entire ~900GB collection of everything in jeapordy. Luckily I was able to recover and keep limping along. Thank the gods for RAID arrays. I went to Frys today and bought a 750GB drive to keep as a backup of the most important 750GB worth of information and was going to just get a couple 250’s to replace my flakey ones…but they were having a sale. 500GB for $30 more than the 250’s. Now -that- is a deal no matter which way you slice it. So 6 500’s and a 750 later, I have my new array. Of course the two bad drives are less than 3 years old and can be replaced under warranty. Holy crap. That’s 13 drives for a total of 5.25 Terabytes of storage. I need to sit down for a sec.


I think Pixel is trying to tell me something

Pixel and I have a very collaborative relationship. I try to remember to feed and water him but sometimes I slip. When I’m a little behind, he does this as a gentle reminder to “FEED ME!!!” Thanks for the help Pixel.


3 guys in a sandwich shop

Tonight, we 4 nerds are going to sit down and watch the 20th anniversary “Transformers: The Movie” DVD. I am not going to sugar coat it…there is no way this movie isn’t going to suck. At best it will be a trip into nostalgia. At least we have some mmmMMMMmmmm! Capriotti’s sandwiches.


I can finally get a pic of Jessi!

OK, -I- didn’t get this picture because I can’t for the life of me take a good picture of Jessi. My problem is that I like to take pictures of her really smiling or laughing which tends to introduce a lot of motion to the party. When she sits still and poses she tends to look like an escaped mental patient or a serial killer. Read the comments for some outtakes from the picture taking session. Thanks to myyaonline. so much, for managing to take this one.


Mac experimemtation

It’d been driving me to distraction being busy but not able to play with the new computer. This weekend I’m going nuts, EVERYTHING gets configured, mark my words. Thus far I haven’t gotten too far with it but I have to say…Damn! It looks good. Really slick, really unified. It doesn’t have an mp3 player that doesn’t suck though. iTunes I already hated, and now I loathe it with a passion unmatched. For Apple to make everything else so well and end up with a music player that looks about as exciting and easy to use as playing songs with Excel….it boggles the mind.