A new face

It’s 6 and I’m stuck in the office again. I just couldn’t handle another picture of Justin so I asked Andrew “the questions”.
1)Are you in any sort of witness protection program?

2)Are you currently on the run from the law?

Provided I get a no to those 2 questions, that person ends up here on the site. Of course, now he’s fair game.


Alex is back!

I’m not working late! It’s a miracle of epic proportions. I’m having dinner with Club S at Sushi Vegas. After the sushi adventure I had at lunch, I’m having the spicy chicken tonight. No sushi. Maybe never again. The spicy chicken is just about perfect. Not too hot, not too mild. It tastes very, very good. And it doesn’t look like genitalia. Which today, is a win. After this I’m going home and I’m not going to work. I’m also not going to do laundry. I’m not going to do dishes. I’m not going to take out the trash. I’m not going to do anything that isn’t watching TV and paying attention to my neglected cat. It’s going to be sweet.



Sushi Club. A new restaurant that has some pretty good sushi. This particular nigiri perversion is not on the menu. The guy buying lunch knows the owner and had the sushi master Jimmy make this for me. It’s a little shocking when you lift bowl and see this beneath. Jimmy is an absolute wizard with the sushi knife and a chunk of fatty tuna.

Oh yeah, I had to eat this with neither chopsticks nor hands.



This is getting kinda old. Not Justin. Just Justin at work. This is the billionth time this month I’ve had to work late. I’m kinda ready to go home at 4. That’s 4PM, not AM. I have high hopes for the rest of the week. The week after Wednesday that is. Until then…it’s more of this.


Still in the coal mines

With a release deadline looming it’s back to extra hours for me. I’m hoping to get a little bit of a jump on the situation that is going to get nuts on Monday and go on through Thursday. It’s not too bad though. I got my tunes, got my Red Bull…it could be worse.



I got to accomplish two goals to night that I would refer to as “finally”. I finally got to meet up with Club S for dinner and a movie. This has been a critically complicated move lately and has really been bumming me out. Thankfully we managed and after the sushi dinner comes “A Scanner Darkly” at my house. A nice evening. The other thing is that I finally made it to Sushi Vegas across the street from my work. It’s been open a little while but I just haven’t found the crew or time to join other crews to head on over at lunch. I’m glad I finally did because it was pretty good. The best part is that the sushi chef is -extremely- flexible. You want your roll with tempura veggies instead of shrimp? No sweat. Rice paper instead of seaweed? You got it! (though he will mention that the seaweed is healthier for you) Skip the asparagus, add some garlic, surprise me! Will do, sounds great, I think you’ll like this. It’s hard to beat that kind of service. If you like sushi, definitely check it out.



OK, there’s just way too much work going on. Last night was supposed to be “not work” evening. That didn’t happen since I got home at 6:30 this morning. Things like this lead to my apartment slowly descending into chaos. I’ve managed to keep it under control with the exception of the kitchen counter.