Rodin, eat your heart out. I give you “The STINKer”

I don’t know why I keep referring to Matt in an unflatteringly olofactory way but it’s funny. To me anyway, and that’s what matters. He’s getting packed up and ready to roll on his Utah adventure so we went to help him get all the stuff out of his condo and into Moms house, rip up the carpets, touch up the walls, stuff like that. It’s been a tiring day. I have no idea how he and Ma and Pa have been doing this for 2 or 3 days straight. I’m wrecked. I may not move from this chair for the rest of the night.


Like Jurassic Park…evidently

I don’t remember this particular scene from “Jurassic Park” but Alex was inspired and composed and shot the picture. He said it was just like something from that movie. I think he’s whoring for the awards. This picture is still in the running since it’s not the 1st yet. Club S came by tonight for a little movie and food. I demonstrated some of the cooking I’ve been talking about. Chicken alfredo mushroom with taters. Mmmmmm glaaaahhhh….


More fan edits

“Pearl Harbor”, minus an incredibly contrived love backstory. I’ve never seen “Pearl Harbor” before and had no desire to watch this Michael Bay stinker after everything I heard about it. Then I found this edit and tried it out. It was great! No one in the history of the world has said “Pearl Harbor” was great. I mean it too. I really enjoyed it. No one’s more surprised than me.

Nominations! Unless I get a large no from anyone I’m planning on turning off the nomination process Tuesday morning, the 2nd. If you haven’t made your nominations get to it! Most common contributors have already done it, you know who you are. Thank you! Some other common contributors have not made any nominations, you know who you are. Shame on you! A couple people have even gone as far as using all 39 of their nomination slots, 3 for each category. You are my heroes!


A little late for Christmas but still a damn good movie

I haven’t gone to the bookstore yet because I’m a little scared I might cause irreperable harm to my credit rating. Yet, there still isn’t anything on TV so I’m falling back to movies for entertainment. I can’t seem to find my “Emperor’s New Groove” so I pu this in. This is actually an interesting edit of this movie. A “fan edit”. Fan edit’s come in many forms. The first one I ever heard of was The Phantom Edit, an edit of Star Wars Ep I with all the Jar Jar scenes removed. It was a big hit and with it, a phenomena was born. Pearl Harbor “Strength and Honor”(no love scenes). Batman and Robin (no stupid one liners). Daredevil (Added cut scenes, deleted flashbacks). Star Trek: Generations (The no Shatner edition). Two Towers (purist edition, all the stuff that deviates from the book, gone). In addition to removing bad scenes, deleted scenes can be added back in for fan special extended editions. That’s what I’m watching now, the “Love Actually the Bloated edition”. Bloated in a good way. The best part is that the studios are staying calm as long as you own a copy of the movie.As I do, I feel no guilt whatsoever.


Cox, you suck

For about a week now my TV system has been having issues. Weird freezes, blocky pixelation, sound synch problems and tivo controlled channel changing problems. The problem being that my system has some very weird parts in it which means tracking down a problem takes debugging skills. After spending a night determining that it probably wasn’t the Tivo, I switched to looking at the cable box. I can’t do anything with it though so I had to call Cox. I called, got an automated system, wandered through the menus and the voice, very nicely, informed me that it would try something first and that it would be the very first thing a real person that answers a tech support call would do. Not being given a choice, I aquiesced. The computer voice then asked me if I had one of the only three boxes supported by Cox, a Scientific Atlanta, Motorola or Toshiba. I looked. It’s a Pioneer. This bodes ill for the rest of my phone call I’m sure. I said Pioneer into the phone. I swear I heard the voice on the damn phone sigh at me. And say, annoyed, that it would transfer my stupid ass to a real person now. I possibly inferred some extra meaning in that last sentence but that’s what it sounded like to me. It turns out that all my problems were solved by “removing the power” from the cable box and then they had to “send it a signal” to “reprogram it” because “sometimes they (cable boxes) get confused” since a digital cable box “is kinda like a little computer and you know how buggy -those- things can be”. After nearly having an anneurism trying not to laugh at the “tech” support I was getting it was all taken care of and I now have smoothly flowing TV again. Now if only there was something to watch…


Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m on my way home after a very nice Christmas with the entire family. It was nice and simple. The last few Christmas’s have had a whole bunch of people there, not that that’s bad. It can be overwhelming. This is the first time in a long time it was just the nukulur family and G-Ma. Nice and simple. It still looked like a methane leak. Everyone kinda passed out before and after dinner, worn out by a holiday well planned. Familiy is the point of Christmas…now I’m going home to revel in my loot.


Christmas Eve!

I’m here with the fam, getting some Christmas Eve dinner and gaming at the family homestead. Mandy’s doing her patented “dive into the picture” move. Well, it’s kinda staged since I screwed up the first pic. It was good though, Ma cooked…ish. It was my kinda cooking, I guess this explains where it came from. Warm up and cook food without a real plan until there looks like enough on the table. It is very reminiscent of my “soup and stove-top stuffing” or “beans and eggs” dinners. Sometimes you just cook what you got.