A nice night watching TV

After last night (working till 8:30) I’m ready for some quality time at home with the TV and the cat…and Veronica, the Fox River boys, Gregory, Ando, Hiro, Nicci, Claire and all the rest.Veronica Mars is looking interesting, someone is actualy doing “The Sprinkler” dance in the first scene. I’m afraid I have to get back to it now. I need to spot other obscure dance moves.


My, what a big report you have

I’m working late tonight. Had a deadline to hit today and made a last minute change in my program that ended up taking most of the day and then was completely unnecessary so I had to rip it all out. Goodbye half my day, goodbye my relaxed evening. Oh well. These things happen.

Edit: Oh crap!!!I took a pic of what I was working on which happened to be sensitive proprietary information. Luckily it was only up for about 30 seconds and even if anyone saw it it was extremely blurry. I decided to go with the safe route with a quick edit.


Time for a readjustment

When I first set up the projector and sound system, Alex was gracious enough to come over and help me set the sound levels for maximum home theater fun. Since then, however, I’ve had to change things because of a compaint from the neighbors. Namely, turning down the sub volume and listening at a generaly lower volume. This is fine until there’s dialog that I can’t hear followed by explosions that have me diving for the “vol down” button on the remote. So I have made adjustments to the center levels as well. I was lamenting that it just wasn’t sounding right so Justin graciously offered to come over and help me adjust the settings since I don’t have a sound level meter (the device shown in this pic) or a set-up DVD. I fear this is one of those things that needs a whole lot of tweaking before it’s “done”.


A traditional going away dinner at the Outback

Manduh and Dad are flying out tonight and tomorrow to their various destinations so we all met up for some Outback goodness. The sibs are just being goofy. I’m not really sure what they’re doing but they’re having fun doing it. After not getting to bed last night until 1AM I’m kinda sleep walking through the day.


Popcorn in motion

Justin has stepped up and put a projector in his house so he invited me over for some dinner and a movie. Dinner by Jessi, as always, was excellent. I love Jessi because she doesn’t like all the same things I don’t so I’m always sure of liking whatever she cooks. This time it was turkey enchiladas, yum! Afterwards Justin decided to make some caramel popcorn. I’m not sure how it’s going to taste but if it is this much trouble then it better taste fantastic. It’s a 45 minute process evidently. Now I love popcorn, but that’s because it’s tasty and takes about 5 minutes to make, start to finish. I’m looking forward to trying out the finished product though.


El Jefe, weird mexican food

El Jefe is an odd restaurant. The chef is mexican, trained in france. You can only imagine what this does to the food he comes up with. Actualy it’s quite interesting and if I wasn’t so picky it would be a lot easier for me to eat here. As it is, I have to search the menu very carefuly to find something I am willing to eat with a minimum of “I’ll take this with no onions|bellpeppers|pico|avocado|tomatoes” etc etc etc. I really dig the decor though.


Oh my god

So 14 people did in fact show up for Thanksgiving as evinced by this partial pile of dishes. The sibs and I were given the task of bringing order to this chaos of used dishware. The entire experience was made slightly more complicated by the fact that Ma has some really excellent dishes from various other countries. The problem? Excellent they may be but dishwasher-safe they are not. I have no fear though. With the three of us on the job we shall vanquish the ceramic beast of Thanksgiving past.