It’s Zendconference2006 PHPFest! Our company sent us here to learn some stuff and, hopefuly, find some programmers. If you’re looking for PHP programmers PHPFest is the place to do it. The programmers in the group (see yesterdays photo) have been having some brain time. Learning new and exciting strategies to use to leverage the language we love. It looks like it’s going to be well worth the trip. If we can get some people for the company it will be a nice bonus to the trip. Gotta run, I gotta mingle.


The ‘Dive Bar’… bwahahaha…have you heard of The Doubledown?

With the day well concluded we have decided to take in the sights of San Jose’s downtown area. We started here at “The Dive Bar”. It isn’t, allthough it is pretty cool and they have 50 cent tacos. After this it’s “Mission Ale”, “Brit Pub” and concluding with “O’Flahertys”, all without a car. I’ve never been on a pub crawl before. This should be fun.


A gaggle of geeks

Rodric, John and I are on our way to Zendcon2006 in San Jose. We’re actualy hanging in the worlds smallest airport right now waiting for luggage. How it can take this long to get luggage 10 feet across the tarmac, I don’t know. We are mentally preparing to expand our minds and learn crazy new implementations of PHP. That’s what these looks are. Not Confused andSchlumpy (the lesser known dwarves, left out of Snow White due to contract negotiations) They’re like coiled springs. Look again, you’ll see.


Nights draconian shore

I’m wiped. It’s been a long week and an even longer weekend coming up. For preparation, I am taking a nap. Shhhhh….ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzz -SNORK-…………..ZZZzzzzzzzz


The menagerie

Ma,s helping out with our costumes so Matt and I went to her house for dinner and final fitting. G-Ma is out of town though so Ma has added her dog Spike to the mix of the already vast menagerie in her house. Everyone stays relatively well behaved though and it works out. There’s a lot of fur around your feet though. I could squash most of these animals flat in a millisecond so I have to be very careful.


Tivo! Release me from my boredom!

The World Series, bane of my existance, is wrecking my TV schedule. There isn’t a damn thing getting recorded because nothing is really playing. I didn’t get “The Wire” over the weekend and nothing’s even hardly scheduled for the rest of the week. Why a baseball game has to wreck my entertainment is beyond me. Let’s pick a new national pastime that doesnt’ suck. If I’m lucky there’s something saved in my suggestions that will be worthwhile. I have a book I’m reading, “iWoz” Steve Wozniaks biography (Inventor of the Apple I and Apple II, started Apple with Steve Jobs). The problem with the book is that it’s interesting but written mostly in his own voice and while Woz is an amazing engineer, he’s not so good at the english language thing and it’s making the book almost unreadable. Rampant misuse of forshadowing, he repeats himself, he tells thing out of order then has to back up to hit the rest of the pertinent info. It’s a trainwreck. The only thing that saves it is that it really is an interesting subject and when he’s talking about the engineering stuff he did at Apple and beyond it’s really good. Then he talks about other stuff and it just hurts until it gets good again.


White and Nerdy

I’m giving a ride to Don up to the airport and we hit some major traffic snags. To pass the time we are attempting to learn all the words to “White and Nerdy”. Unfortunately I am sucking pretty bad at it and Don’s doing really well. Weird Al just sings so freaking fast. It’s like he has super powers.