Mix it up

We have a bunch of new people in the office. Work decided to throw a “mixer” of sorts to kind of get everyone to know each other. Of course they’ve been here for 4 months and the mixer could have been thrown a while ago but these are minor details. It was still a good idea. We discovered ,of course, we all kinda suck at mixing. All the new people at one table, everyone else milling about. Luckily some brave people crossed the boundary and it wasn’t a total loss. Mostly I just want to go home and crash. I haven’t had a week this stressful in a really long time and I’m ready to have it over.


New toy

I finally cracked and bought an mp3 player. I have ocasional need for one but didn’t want to spend the money, especially when they were like 2 and 4 gigs which isn’t enough to store any reasonable amount of music. I found this 20GB model for $130 though and that’s a good deal so I jumped at it. I found out later that it also shows pictures and movies which is extraneous but kinda fun. Of course what I really want is something the size of a pack of gum that has 20GB. Someday I guess. Until then I’ll live with this mediocrity.


Tuesday dinner

Met up with Matt and Club S for some Red Robin in what is becoming a regular Tuesday tradition. I’ve worked 30 hours since Sunday and I’m a little beat. We were supposed to be done with part of it last Thursday but weren’t. Then we rolled it out and everything broke and we stayed till after midnight to get it working. This is what you get without proper project management, kids. Don’t let this happen to you. But now it’s all good and I shouldn’t have to work like this for a while.


Not again

Worked late last night, worked late tonight. I’ll be so happy when this project is behind me. But I did get new monitors. They’re so pretty…..


Another classy pic

I’m a little too zoned right now to even remember this picture. It’s Malex, it’s dinner, what else do we need to say? Oh yeah! Pa came back from Bolivia so we went to the Outback for dinner but he got stuck on the tarmac so we had to entertain ourselves while waiting for Ma and Pa. We’re good at that.


Queen/Jack suited

It was Matt’s 22nd birthday (not the Matt from this site) so a party at PT’s was planned to shove as much alcohol into him as possible until he puked. The mission was accomplished. As you can see, geeeek had a bunch of alcohol himself and is currently performing J/Q suited. He plays a ridiculous amount of poker and he and his friends have made up little hand signals for various hands. Not for anything nefarious, it’s just for fun while railbirding. I hope I haven’t ruined anything for him by revealing this little secret.


Something compels me

I feel that I should have stopped watching “House” by now but somehow it keeps my interest. I guess that overall the main premise story is kinda getting old but it’s more of a backdrop to the interesting stuff. Maybe it’s just that Hugh Laurie rules. The main thing is that it’s till better than other things on TV right now. On Fox anyway. I sat through “Bones” and “Justice” tonight. It wasn’t good. Both looked like interesting premises, both sucked major wang. Tomorrow is “My Name is Earl” and “Greys Anatomy” though. That’s going to be better anyway because I can’t handle another night like this.