Ran out of books

I’m still waiting for three of my books from the Amazon spree. They’re coming from California…how long should this freaking take? I’ve got momentum built up.10 books since the 9th. I’m on a roll. These are all really good no. Not a clinker in the bunch. It’s very exciting. And now I’m stalled. I’m watching a movie but then what? There’s nothing else on TV or Tivo and nothing to read….this is not a good situation. I may have to turn to recreational drugs, get hooked, lose my job, sell my car, get evicted, sell my cat to score one last time before I hit rock bottom. Then I’ll have to find a 12 step program, find God, work my way back up from the cesspool my life has become, wander around all born again, annoy away my remaining friends, move to Montana, live in a wigwam, or a teepee…I haven’t decided…I’m too tense, and eventualy die of cholera because I don’t know how to properly dig a latrine….all this because I RAN OUT OF BOOKS!



I haven’t seen this movie since just about the time it came out. I was expecting it to be worse than it was actualy. What was funny was how much of this movie I remember, even down to specific quotes and scenes. “You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!” for example. It wasn’t the best movie, but it was kind of a nostalgic throwback to the late eighties.



I’m at Dougs house helping with some computer stuff. We finished that all up and are watching this movie called “Cronos”. It’s very weird in that it’s half spanish, half english and people keep slipping from one language to the next and no one seems to notice. It’s kinda distracting. Also distracting are Doug’s new kittens. I have a piece of fur on a string and they just can’t get enough of it.


More reading…so blissful

I’m going through the Amazon stash one by one. This is a book by the guy who did “Dirty Job” from a few posts ago. I liked that one so much I went back and got his first four books as well as a bunch of other stuff. It’s not as good as the other one but still enjoyable and I can see how much he’s matured as a writer. I can’t wait for the other three books I got by him to come in. In the meantime I still have all the male “chick-lit” books to go through. All in all it’s been a nice way to waste a Saturday.


Why can’t I change the channel?

“True LIes” is another one I have problems not watching. If its on I tend to watch it. At least this movie isn’t a total waste, even for an Arnold movie. This possibly has something to do with Jamie Lee Curtis in her underwear but I’m not sure. I’m actualy about ready to pass out. It’s been a really rough week, sleepwise, and I’m ready for some catch-up.


In the mood for foreign films

I have to work late again tonight but first I came home to get some dinner and a nap before the festivities start later tonight. I’m watching “In the Mood for Love”. It’s a trally good Chinese romance. American romances always seem kinda sappy in comparioson. The French cinema really seems to have us beat in this respect. This movie being so good and Chinese is very surprising. Well maybe not. A lot of thise epic martial arts movies we’ve gotten from them lately were all romantic at their core. The Spanish also have this genre nailed down pretty good too. Now. if you want a movie where shit blows up, without a lot of distracting plot or dialog, that’s what we do best. Luckily it’s a global villiage and I have access to these masterpieces from far away lands.


Webcam city

I’m working late again. This is a picture of the office webcams. I’m not sure why we have a bunch of webcams pointed at each other but we do. It’s a fun little diversion I guess. Why do computer geeks do anything that doesn’t make sense?